Hi all, I'm Aaron :)

Hey everyone, I'm Aaron, I'm 18 from Norfolk. I love wearing women's clothes as they are just so much nicer than guys options. My particular favourites are panties and anything tight-fitting. I'm bisexual but want to be with a girl long-term - I just need to find someone who loves me for who I am :)

Hi welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome :)

Hey have fun and enjoy, why don't u have a look at Lovehoney men's lace range of underwear


Hello and welcome to the forums 😘

Hi Aaron welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome!!!!

welcome and hello

Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Hello & welcome x

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hey Aaron and welcome :)

I'm sure you'll find plenty of great ladies lingerie on here to shop from. Also, like a couple of others have mentioned, there's also a few nice pieces in the men's section that you might be interested in too

Hi Aaron, :) welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll find everyone here friendly and accepting whatever you're into :) just have fun and be yourself :)


Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Hello Aaron and welcome to the forums. There are a lot of guys on here love the wearing of ladies underwear. Chat with them on here and just have fun using it.

hello aaron and welcome. thank you for your introduction, lets us get to know you better! good luck on your journey and well done for being so open with us. There is no judgment here so you can relax


Hi Aaron, and welcome to the forum ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)xx

hay aaron, welcome to the forum hun x