Hi from bbn

Just joined and thought I would say hi to you all.

Hoping to learn new ideas and moves.

Into cockrings and wear thongs and strings - but of an underwear fetish - actually male thongs are very comfortable.


Hello BBN

This is gonna get confusing!


BBN- Big Bad Nigel, Big Bollocked Nathaniel, Bird Brained Novice (sorry nothing personal/judgemental), Big Breasted ..... go on do tell please !!!


Hullo! The rest of you behave yourselves! ;)

Sorry m'am, prepared to parade for punishment.... grid reference necessary!!! book down trousers.

*evil glint in eyes*

book in trousers!!!

hello mate! welcome to our dirty world!

What you doing up so early Strapon, what strapons have you in your um er Arsenal !! at the moment,


The dirtier the better !!!!