Hi! I'm the new guy

Hi everyone! Just joined today so thought I’d introduce myself

I’m 25 and in a long term relationship (7 years and counting!) and I’m currently studying for a PhD. My girlfriend and I have been long distance for a few years now, but we’re moving in together in a few months!

I’ve bought a few things from Lovehoney in the past (the 20% student discount never hurt :wink: ) but now we’re going to be living together we fancy expanding our ‘repertoire’. We’re both pretty open to trying new things but there’s just too much to choose from!

So what I want to know from you lovely people is do you have any good suggestions for toys etc? I’d love to hear what some of your favourites are

Edit: Any recommendations would be great, but any for couples toys would be really helpful


@jk139 Hi there, welcome, and congratulations on the moving in. I think we all will have a lot of responses on our toy collections.

Might I suggest you add a categorie(s) of toys you’re wanting feedback on? If you feel so inclined you can edit your post with the pencil indicator at the bottom of your first post.

If not. Well, I would say respectively all of our tastes are varied and wild and you’ll get a lot of different categories of suggestions. Which might be what you want anyway. :wink:

Hi and welcome @jk139 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and welcome :blush:

Hi :wave: @jk139 welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Evening and welcome :green_heart:

Hello @jk139 welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome @jk139

Hello new guy, welcome

Hey :wave: and welcome :hugs:

Hello and welcome @jk139. Congratulations on moving in together it is a massive step. If you have a look through I’m sure you will find lots of new ideas to try.

What do you want to try - dominance/ submissive is a lot of fun as I love to swap over dominance in the bedroom

Would you consider pegging where she takes you up the rear

There is crossdressing fun and of course mutual masterbation

Let us know

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Hi @jk139 and welcome

Congratulations on moving in together soon :blush:no recommendations at this time, enjoy the forum

Glad you found the edit button. :wink:

For the recommendations below that have a reference to “threads.” You can use the search bar at the top of the window and enter a word like “Bondage, Pegging,” etc., to find the relevant topics you’re interested in.

Toys for Couples?

    1. Pegging. I’m not sure if you’ve tried being pegged yet or not. If you haven’t. Myself and a whole slew of other prostate wielders would recommend it as would a whole slew of women partners who either have pegged, or want to peg.(There are continually a whole lot of threads being created as well as already in existence to search through for comprehension and recommendations).
    1. BDSM Toys are great for both parties, as is the power control dynamic reversal depending on who’s willing to do what. (There’s a lot of threads about this too as well as a whole lot of subcategories of this to look into.)
    1. Chastity Cages will provide you with a unique experience and play into the role reversal process when your partner has the key. :wink: (Again, a lot of threads to look into).
    1. Urethral Sounds are another way to explore something totally “different.” When you’re familiar giving them to you partner is another way to power dynamic shift. I cannot recommend this enough.(But do your research first and make sure both of you know what and what not to do. - There aren’t as many threads on this but LoveHoney has great guides for all topics and this is no exception).
    1. Prostate Specific Toys and or Butt Plugs. If you’re not quite there yet with regard to being Pegged, Prostate Toys or Butt Plugs may pique your interest in further exploration. If you find you’re receptive to being pegged, You will most likely quickly realize that you’re interested in exploring your prostate. Your partner will most likely be interested in doing this with you and there are not only a WHOLE lot of threads about this, but also many many toys, guides, and extremely experienced forum members who will be happy to guide both you and she on your way.
  • If that’s not either of your respective bags of tea, then they do a good job of starting your partner with the feeling of Double Penetration. If your partner is interested in that, you’ll quickly realize it benefits you too the first time you try it, with toys at least. Understandably not everyone is up for sharing their partner or being shared, that’s where LoveHoney is your friend.

    1. Cock-Rings. Either Cock-Rings that are silicone, metal, that vibrate, or are remotely controllable with an app. Lovense, LoveHoney, WeVibe and I’m sure there are others in forgetting make excellent toys in this category. (Just remember to buy them from LH). :wink:
    1. There’s a whole lot of lingerie, as well as “costumes,” for role-play. These may either interest you or your partner, for you, or your partner. (A word of unsolicited advice, if you’re not already comfortable buying your partner Lingerie after 7 years together, I get it. But do yourself a favor and step outside your comfort zone to see the appreciation on her face when something you’ve accurately sized for her shows up without her awareness). - There are great LoveHoney guides on this as well as suggestions from the forums like, looking at the average sizing of her clothing and knowing her bra and cup size for example. Fortunately for you, now that you’re living together this just got a whole lot easier to find on the sly to surprise her with. :wink:
    1. App/Remote Controlled Toys. (I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with these already from your Long Distance Relationship Period), which is why I left it for last. In case you’re not though, or the price point has been a deterrent, they are well worth the money. I mentioned app controlled Cock-Rings earlier specifically to bring to your attention that a good vibrating cock-ring will do wonders for your partner clitoral stimulation. But, LoveHoney has a great selection of app/remote controlled toys of all times from a lot of different name brands, with a lot of different intended purposes. From Rabbits, to Clit Suckers, to thrusting Dildos, and every other type of remote controlled toy there is something simply magical about being able to sit back and watch your partner enjoy herself while not touching her, but controlling the toy that is, instead. And it’s great for use when you’re touching her as well. Some of these toy types even automatically sync with each other (when this feature is chosen), to increase the pleasure experience for both of you at the same time, while enjoying each other at the same time.
    1. I could go on and on, but, hopefully that gave you some starting suggestions you may not have considered yet. There are so many options on LoveHoney toys the list would literally be near endless if broken down into each sub-category.
    1. Check around the forum and start seeing what piques you or your partners curiosity and ask questions or simply read what others have posted is my best suggestion to you. Since only you know what you and your partner want to try. I was just trying to give you food for thought as your intro message requested.

Happy hunting and trust me, you won’t regret joining the forum. You will learn something new everyday from all the diverse perspectives and preferences of other members.


As an after thought, (as usual for me), check these threads for a lot of varied suggestions and ideas.

What Are YOU Contemplating Purchasing Next Forum Thread

The Great Big Review and Testing Guide Forum Thread

There should be links to the three types of testing categories on that one that regularly populates with a variety of testing items that might spark your interest as well.


Thank you so much @Anony , that’s all so helpful! Looks like I’ve got a lot of research to be getting on with :wink:

Welcome @jk139 !

@Anony and everyone else’s recommendations are spot on - but I will add to take your request for couples specific recommendations literally, the WeVibe Chorus is fab for both of you, has the remote control benefits @Anony mentioned and can be used with penetration, for edging, orgasm denial, making the weekly shop interesting, include bondage/dom/sub dynamic etc etc.
Pair it with a remote controlled cock ring, each of you swap remotes and what was seemingly an individual experience becomes a couples experience. Make it a game, the closer you each get, the higher you turn up the vibes.
Enjoy the journey :slight_smile: this is a wonderful space to glean ideas, knowledge and just chat about experiences without judgement.


Greetings and Welcome @jk139 :sunglasses:

Hi @jk139 :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

I’ve not got the detailed answer laid out above but my favourite couple’s toy is a rechargeable wand. Works suberbly on penis as a whole, glans and perineum (also during blow jobs) as well as clits so a two for one. My favourite is the Mantric Wand.


@jk139 Welcome to the forum!