Hiding someone with hidden profile?

Is there a way to hide someone who has their profile set to hidden?

There is indeed. :+1:

(It goes into a bit more detail if you go to the User Notifications section in full)



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I may have got the wrong idea here, I think you came across a profile that was hidden and as such you want to hide them, in effect not seeing anything they post.
If that is the case then I will just add this, it does appear a lot of people are unaware that you actually have to de-select the specific option to hide your profile within your settings.
If I have got the wrong of the stick completely please ignore this post.

I’ve got a tip for that too: :slightly_smiling_face:

I never doubted for a second you would not have :grinning: :upside_down_face:

I have to add I am joking with you.

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Ian is always the man when it comes to tech within this site. @Ian_Chimp you would struggle to find anything Ian did not know. What a genius.

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I only realised my profile was hidden due to this thread. Thanks for the tips to untick the hide option @DanceswithPenguins and @Ian_Chimp


Same here, I’m now un-hidden. Is there a way this can be highlighted for other new, or not so new l, members?

I see I am now hidden after LH ‘upgraded’ the website a while back (along with losing my profile picture), I see my original profile details have also been lost so it wouldn’t matter if I did become visible. Oh well, worse things in life.
Do think it was a massive backwards step not being able to see (easily) when a person jointed the community when posting/starting a thread to try and gauge whether if the message was/is a fishing exercise.