The forum has lots of ways to keep track of the things you want to follow, and a few to help you lose track of those you don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

Topic and Category Notifications
Live Notifications
User Notifications

Topic and Category Notifications

You can find the Topic Notification settings at the bottom of every topic, and a similar one on each Category page (eg #games) on the top right:

With these you can set how closely you want to follow each topic and category. The options are:



This one is high alert. You get a notification every time someone posts in that topic/category, and it gives an activity count of all the unread messages on your Latest feed.



This one gives the activity count (but not the notifications) for the topics you’ve earmarked as interesting, but not unmissable.



You will be notified when someone mentions your @name, quotes one of your posts/topics, or replies to you. This is the standard one where you only get a notification if someone reaches out and involves you.



You won’t recieve any notifications for or from a muted topic, nor will it appear in any of your Latest lists.

The topics of a muted category won’t appear in your Latest feed, but they are still visible on the category page itself (eg #games).

Watching First Post

Watching First Post

This is for categories only. You will receive a notification every time a new topic is created in that category.

You can manage all your notification lists from your Preferences/Categories page.

Notification Preferences

The forum automatically tracks certain topics depending on how you interact with them (by posting, or spending time reading them). You can change what it automatically sets to track on your Preferences/Notifications page, along with the ‘consider new’ and ‘notify when liked’ options.

:lovehoney_heart: Live Notifications
To allow the forum to send you live notifications you’ll need to enable them on your Preferences/Notifications page as well as in your browser/app settings.

User Notifications

There are also User Notification options that allow you to mute or ignore individual users. You can find these on your Preferences/Users page, as well as on a member’s profile page (if it’s not hidden).

To add someone to either your mute or ignore list, type their username (without an @) into either box, and select them from the list. The ignore option will also offer a timer.

:lovehoney_heart: You must be TL2 or higher to use Ignore. You can find out more about levels in Trust Levels

Once on the ignore list their replies will be hidden from view, but can be expanded by clicking on the ‘View x Hidden Replies’ text.

You can remove anyone at any time by clicking the cross next to their username on your Preferences/Users page.

If you have any other questions about any of the notifications feel free to ask them below. :slightly_smiling_face::lovehoney_heart:


Is it defaulting to the colour of the category? Are they category notifications?

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Ah I did wonder what the dots were all about on each post in a thread, I’ve seen the plenty of blue ones . That’s one new thing learned this morning :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s to do with the thread having a flagged post in it

Found it.

Red denotes a topic that has an ‘extremely high like to posts’ ratio.

Orange is a ‘very high like to posts ratio’

So there you go - hope you can now sleep better tonight!


Just bumping this thread in case it helps anyone who (like me) sees the little blue notification counter each morning only to find it relates to threads you’ve looked at once but aren’t interested in following.

My ‘housekeeping’ for the day is to mute all the stuff that’s not relevant and tidy up my feed.

The things you find to occupy your time when away from home with no entertainment…:thinking::man_facepalming::joy::joy:


There are some useful settings in the Preferences/Notification page, in case you missed them?

Muting a topic will make it disappear from your feed entirely, and you won’t recieve any notifications for it after that (@mentions, quotes, etc). As long as a topic/category isn’t Watching, you won’t receive any notifications that aren’t aimed directly for you. :+1:


The mutes are saved for things irrelevant to me like the DOTD posts for the USA and Oz, plus topics I’ve no interest in at all or where I honestly have nothing to contribute to.

But yep - switching off the ‘tracking’ status (which seems to be automatically set once you view something?) helps. :wink:


No worries. :slightly_smiling_face: I wasn’t trying to discourage you. I find both the Mute and Ignore functions quite useful. :+1:

The tracking one isn’t so bad. That one gives you the blue circles on the topic titles. If you go to the Unread view you can dismiss all the latest ones with one button click, and it offers you the choice to also stop tracking them in bulk too. :+1:

The default Watching for ‘When I post in a topic, set it to…’ one can be a bugger if you leave it on. That one can get quite noisy, depending on what topics you post in. :slightly_smiling_face: But to pull out all your Watching ones you can go to your Preferences/Categories and click the ‘Show’ link next to Watching, and that gives you a list of all your Watching Topics. :+1: (alternatively, you can use this link) You need to manually swop them all over still, but at least you have a list to work through. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Ian_Chimp

Have a ‘virtual cake’ on me. :wink::cake: