So it’s the holiday season .. woop.. anyone wanna share any funny or hot holiday sex stories . We will never forget one night sat out having a drink when we started to hear sounds from an apartment below us...the next day my wife was chatting to the wife who was very prim And proper yet the night before she had the mouth of a porn star lol

We are both of to Hedonism 2 resort in jamaica at the end of the year. they have a nude side as well as nightly themes. we will be dressing for sexy school girl night, toga night and fetish night. its also a lifestyle friendly resort with sexy pool games and sex acts on the beach and at the massive hot tub in the evenings. We hopefully will return with quiet a few stories.

A few years ago we went to the Canary Islands for a week at a vanilla naturist resort. We started chatting to a British couple in the hotel bar one lunchtime and we discussed which naturist resorts and UK clubs we'd been to. One of the clubs they mentioned was a swinger club - we hadn't been there but recognised the name, they'd obviously mentioned it to let us know they were swingers. We asked if they were and said we were too. We ended up going to our hotel room and had an afternoon of same-bed playing together.

After they'd gone, we went out on to our balcony to sunbathe. Our neighbours on both sides were out sunbathing too, neither were British. One neighbour smiled and said "you had fun!" while the couple on the other side looked very displeased and tut-tutted. We hadn't thought of being extra quiet with our new friends, but looking back, there had been quite a few 'banging bed' bed noises, plus moans and cries of pleasure from more than two people. We were rather embarrassed!

Our new friends went home the next day so we didn't repeat the foursome, or have another that holiday. But since then, we've always made sure our hotel room windows were shut whenever we've had sexy visitors.