Hotel role play?!

Morning all!

This Friday my partner and I are celebrating our valentines evening. We are having a nice meal, a few drinks and we have booked a hotel.

My partner has never experienced role play before like I have and would like to try it out! As he is fairly new to this what would you recommend to try him off with? Or does anyone have any recommendations for hotel role play?


Hope you have a great weekend! What about the old favourite of meeting in the bar, pretending you are strangers? Can get pretty hot...
Or he could be a business man and you an escort he's hired for the night...
Sure you'll be spoilt for choice when everyone else wakes up!

How about getting a French maid outfit and doing the whole "would you like some fresh towels Sir?" thing?

Or there are the standard ones- nurse, prostitute, dominatrix etc etc.

Just a couple of ideas...

Def a maid if your brave enough get dressed up and then put a long coat in and leave the room. 5 mins later knock knock.... enter room drop coat with maid costume and offer to run a bath wash partner or turn the bed down just wear a short maid outfit abd do lots if bending over it wont even be questioned and OH will love it. Good luck xxx dont forget a tickler has just become your feather duster ;)

I can't wait for tomorrow!!
Thanks everyone for the great ideas im getting excited at work just thinking about them! X

Quick thought. Could try sexy secretary / hotel manager knock on door and tell him his card is void and room not paid for.... perhaps u can come to an arrangement wink wink....

That one is such a good idea!! Thank you lustyjoy 😊

FRIDAY officially can't come quick enough!

Hope you have a great time away :)

Me and my OH are off to a hotel next week and I hadn't thought of doing anything special like this, but some of these suggestions are just too good to miss out on! Thanks for the inspiration x

Hope you have as much fun as I do 😊

Well how did it go?