How do I go about giving my oh a facial?

Hi all.

i would like to give my oh a facial. What’s the best way about going about it?

Do ask her or do I just go ahead with it?

Any help would be good


Have you approached the subject before?

Definitly ask her first, Thats just the decent thing to do. If shes up for then great but if she wasnt and you shower her in your load then thats really not going to go down well.. put yourself in her shoes and imagine how you would feel if you didnt want a cum facial and then had one sprung on you.

Ok will as then I think, as you say I wouldn’t like it ! How is the best way to approach this then?

Is this a serious question? Sounds like trolling to me.

If a serious question, you really need to discuss first. Like a lot of things it's very marmite. My OH would never entertain the idea of it, whereas if I was with other guys I'd love it! We're all different.

I would definitely speak to your partner before, if you like the idea of it then tell her you find it sexy and see how she feels. If she likes the idea then give it a try and if not then respect her wishes.

Definitely ask her how she feels about them first! It’s never a good idea to just go ahead and do something during sex if your partner has never expressed interest in it.

Some people find facials degrading and disrespectful so it may not be something she wants to explore but it’s worth discussing and seeing if she’s one of the people who’s ok with it.

Ask her where does she likes to have cum on her body then you can ask her if she has thought of any other places on her body then you can bring the subject of a facial. Agree with everyone you got to ask dont go ahead.

All fab advice - I dunno about the rest of you - but I'm a bit scared of facials as it hurts like f*ck when it goes in your eyes!!!

Would suggest you chat about it first. Would you like a face full of cum that you didn't know about?

Ask her first. Let us know how it goes

I would say have a chat about it first as not everyone likes them.

The worst they can say is no but asking can't hurt! :-)


Ok thanks for the advice. Will definitely ask and see where it leads