How do you store away your toys? Storage Options


I see that there are various posts about storage on the Lovehoney forums but they mainly state storing in bags. Some links are broken or gone.

How do you store your toys away? Lockable boxes? makeup boxes?
Just needing an idea for myself and anyone else looking. I live with family so that’s one thing I have to watch out for!

I currently have material box under my bed that has a drawstring top and a little ottoman beside my bed. Things are separated in bags or drawstring bags inside of there. A long bag on the way for bondage stuff which will slide under the bed.

There are a few ideas in this topic:

Ours are mainly in the bedside table, and a couple of Really Useful boxes under the bed (big flat ones, lengthways to give more access).

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We don’t have a massive collection, but used to keep them all bar maybe 1 hidden away in a bag in the wardrobe.
Recently bought a generic gadget/ cable organisation travel bag as a cheap storage solution so that we can keep more of our commonly used toys by the bed. It has a few dividers, various pockets, different layers and it only cost about £10. To give an idea of capacity, we’ve got 2 dildos, a fleshlight Quickshot, couple cock rings, a plug, a womanizer type toy and some restraints/ blindfolds in there just now. It could fit plenty more small things, and maybe another dildo.
It’s not a perfect solution… It’s designed for cables after all! :joy: But I’m happy with it for the cost, and I’ll probably use it to travel with our toys, gadgets and cables next time we go on holiday :see_no_evil::joy:

Ive got a couple of lovehoney s storage cases (which are actually pretty decent if youve got smallish stuff), bedside table and on a whim i got that joy box thing (which is not great tbh, must post review at some point). Does me at the moment, but if i get some larger items I’m going to have to get a tool box or something i can slide under the bed/dresser. Majority of its in their own drawstring bags.
All the plugs and cables are in a different box though (repurposed b-vibe box). Saves alot of space. (At some point inwill label them all, so far ive gotten away with it)

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Just bought a new plastic toolbox with a spot for a lock with spots for the toys too keep them from touching our little ones are at that nosing around stage it fits good under the bed too

Ohhh thats a good idea. We have a cupboard with shelves that we keep meaning to get a lock for but I like the idea of a lockable tool box

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I also live with family and this is how I store my toys , its just a lockable office drawers. I had it many years so its probably not available anymore but im sure you can get something similar.

besides that I use thrust bags to put anything like dildos, strokers, butt plugs etc into keep them separated yet breathable


I store all mine separately in storage bags so they are not touching and keep them in my bed side drawer. If a toy doesn’t fit in my drawer, I put it in my cupboard in its own storage bag to keep it away from dust.

Hello @DarkPollution

I store my toys in this;


Do you know the name of it so I can find that? or something of the same size? My girlfriend is looking for a way to store things too.
She has a small collection.

I use brief cases or tool Cary cases, put a piece of foam in then cut out that shapes of your toys, with another bit of egg cup foam on the door everything is safe and secure. Easy to travel with too.

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We have a zipped storage fabric box of the IKEA type :rofl::rofl:.
Then it’s hidden away in the cupboard from prying eyes. Sometimes left under the bed after playtime, but always finds a place in the car on a weekend trip away without the kids


no locks for us. Just a big under bed box with a lid full of goodies

Been thinking of getting one of those myself. If you search something like “large makeup case”. Or some combination of that with make up organiser, vanity box, professional or metal mixed in
The internet will spit about a ton of them at you. Often with very cool patterns on them. Some are even larger and more like carryon case size with wheels.


Have a full size ottoman at the end of the bed that I fitted a cabinet lock to. Keep loads of stuff in there, not just our toys.


Various sized boxes and chests (treasure chests!:rofl:) with cabinet locks. Toys are kept separated with satin drawstring bags to stop the silicone getting melty.

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We have a suitcase full of our LH purchases just from this year! :sweat_smile:

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I was given a present at Christmas in a Christmas themed chest, so I painted it black, added some faux leather strips to the sides pinned down with gold studs and pins and lined the inside with black satin :slight_smile: Means it can sit out as an ornament and big enough to hold a pirate’s booty worth of LH goodies! :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I keep all my toys in satin storage bags which came with them or I purchased from Lovehoney, their own brand storage bags are great. Some of my toys live in a bedside drawer and the rest I keep in a metal trunk, which is based on the design of old luggage, this can be locked with a padlock so is ideal for keeping everything safe.xx

Our toys are all stored seperate in an over the door hanger on the wardrobe door, there is a picture of it in the toy box thread… I’m just unsure how to link the picture so it takes you straight to it.

We actually got the idea from someone else in the toy box thread.

Prior to that they were all stuffed in the bottom drawer and impossible to sort through.

Now they go from behind the door, into a divider tub in the bottom drawer…

After use they go into a tub/container under the bed for Cleaning, then once clean, back into the over door hanger…