How does your garden grow

It seems like gardening cheers a lot of us up when we need to kick back and relax from testing sex toys.

Whether you grow

  • silver bells,
  • things to eat (though maybe not cockleshells)
  • stuff to keep the wildlife happy
  • tend a lawn more perfectly manicured than @Lovehoney_Brenna’s nails (is that even possible???)
    or something in between

please share your tips, successes and maybe even the odd not so successful story or two


So today was epic. My garden gave me
Beautiful Cherries, raspberries, peas, the last of the strawberries and the first of the courgettes.

I even did a spot of weeding to say thank you


We are picking a big punnet of rasberries every couple of days at the moment. Have to replant them this winter, they didnt come up as well this year after all they dry cold we had last winter


I’ve got nooo green fingers so my garden is a mixture af decking and small stones, easy to care for! Apart from a herb pallet with mint, chives, thyme


We’ve only just started looking after our new garden, was getting the lawn a lovely lush green colour… then came the mole. The little bugger is digging it all up. I’m going to try and catch him and release him elsewhere.


Don’t pour petrol down the hole and light it, it will blow up your garden :joy:


Mine is just a lawn, pots, fuchsias, shrubbed borders and a patch down the bottom that i’ve sown with wild seeds such as poppies, budleha(not sure of spelling) etc to encourage bees and other insects.


Use garlic or chilli powder down his run. Will put them off digging and you won’t need traps or to relocate.


My chilli plants did look promising this year but have been eaten by a mysterious bug. Can’t be slugs, so any ideas?

Our is looking a bit wild, not cutting the grass anywhere near as often as we used too…and I like it! Yes, the trees and bushes need pruning and there’s stacks of weeds everywhere, probably to the disgust our neighbours as they’re sneaking under the fence :joy: but I love the carpet of buttercups, daisies and clover.

We have three small raspberry canes that are still quite young and have only produced 12 raspberries so far and two tomato plants that are growing really big and have loads of baby tomatoes.


I must admit i initially ignored this topic thinking it was a duplicate topic about pubic topiary! :joy:


This is a very sweet topic! I live in an apartment so unfortunately no garden but I’ve developed a lovely little family of plants. They definitely cheer me up and have helped make my rented space feel more like a home. My plant babies make me happy! I’m not the best plant mom, sometimes my plants look a tad under the weather but they somehow manage to survive which is a true miracle :smiley:


We’ve got an allotment! I absolutely love it. We’ve recently picked peas, courgettes and some strawberrys. I’d love cherries!!

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I’m trying to get loads of happy bee type flowers and lavender into the garden at the moment so it’s beautiful yet helpful to nature.


I noticed my neighbour has started to let areas of his lawn grow long. I assume it’s because he’s seen mine and like the way it looks.
That and because he says he hates mowing


I like the way you can sneak right up close to the bees while they are buzzing around flowers as they haven’t the slightest interest in stinging you

@Bonzo2020 : That’s a shame, I have chilli for the first time this year, a donation from my sister and they look like they are doing OK


I love my garden at the moment, we didnitnuo last summer and it’s so much better. I like things like lavender and foxgloves and pretty flowers but I’ve also got 4 sprouts plants taking over my raised beds, failing sunflowers, a few tomato plants that are just leaves at the moment and a chilli plant that is looking promising, the rest are cottage flowers and wildflowers.

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Salvia (also known as hot lips) is fantastic bee plant! I’ve got a couple and they are really easy to look after. Grow quite bush like, Hardy and I do nothing but give them a chop back a few times a year :smiley:


I planted some lily bulbs in a planter earlier this year as we live in a flat so have a patch of lawn under our back windows and they’re finally starting to get close to actually opening instead of just growing taller!

Also, the gift rose I got reduced from the supermarket has doubled in size and started budding which is a shocker as it’s an indoor plant and I just chucked it outside to see how it got on with some others.

Got into succulents recently too (indoors although have some outdoors to plant) and thanks to one of the cats, they’re half squashed and flat so just trying to revive them.


Somewhere I saw an item about bees stealing pollen from plants by going in under the
sepal and so not pollinating any of the plants,and now I have actually watched the bees on our Salvias doing it .

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