Is it worth replying to a post made over a year ago?

We find ourselves seeing a lot of topics that have been posted a long time ago is it worth replying to these if you think you can assist the person that posted? Or is it just worth leaving alone? We can’t always find stuff that’s relevant we obviously want to rank ourselves up, gain badges for fun too and just genuinely help others and get advice ourselves? As we are only 3 days in I don’t want us to become annoying by commenting on really old posts? I’m sure @Ian_Chimp or @Calie will jump on this to answer us as you 2 are so quick to help and assist.


You might not help the original poster but you might help someone else.
I comment on old posts, if anything it opens up the conversation for new people :tipping_hand_man:t2:


Post away…


Comment on the old post as it will refresh it back to the surface , may ignite conversation or help someone else.

Would suggest not starting new topics on the same subject / topic if one already there and use the original.

Admin will only merge or close new ones down and keeps it nice and orderly :star_struck: to search :flashlight: things.


If you can find a more recent topic on the same subject and join in the current(ish) conversation there then I’d say give that a go. :+1:

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Badges and Trust Levels as they’re not all designed to be done in a day. :slightly_smiling_face: There’s more info in the links, but they count reading and Liking stuff just as much as posting, so you can take your time and have a read of everything to get a feel for the place.


Ok thank you I just wasn’t sure if it would be helpful

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Thank you @Daisy1982

Thanks @Ian_Chimp ill definitely do so, it’s been 3 days and we’ve managed to keep asking questions and keep getting them answered it’s helps us and also enables us to help/meet others too.

Although the original poster may no longer require an answer, lots of other people will read these old posts either because they scrolled back or used the search function and they may well find your response helpful.

As long as you’re contributing in a meaningful way to the post then it only expands the pool of knowledge / opinion / experience on here which IMO can only be a good thing.

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It may help people who are currently experiencing the issue, or help the orriginal poster if they’re just lurking. I often re-read “bumped” topics and find them interesting. :slight_smile:


Lovely thank you @SW2003 for your response I’m glad that we maybe be able to add to assist others that come across the old posts like we have

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Sometimes the poster might give an update on how things have progressed etc

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That’s good that it also bumps it up again another new thing we’ve just learned thank you @WillC

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Yer that’s what I wrote on one yesterday let us know how you’ve gotten on it if you found this helpful since you posted it thanks @zombifiedguy

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I would say answer any posts, someone will always find the advice/information useful. @Steve_Laura69

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Thank you @steve19 all the info has definitely helped us understand it a lot more

@Steve_Laura69 …definitely reply…always great to hear advice etc etc from everyone

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Always… @Steve_Laura69 because even if the original poster has left the forum there may be someone out there who has a similar problem that for whatever reason doesn’t want to publicly put it out there and really needs some advice and reassurance…

I myself have done this and found the forum very helpful by viewing past threads.


Thank you always good to know

Thank you