Is this a form of squirting?

Recently we have been using a g-spot vibrator, but wifey says she prefers that on and around her clitoris while I use fingers to stimulate her G-spot as shown on tutorial videos for "how to squirt". She says she can feel the stimulation inside her and it makes her literally jump, so we think we have found the G-spot. When it comes, her orgasm is explosive, with her thrashing around and making all sorts of noises etc. At the same time I feel an enormous increase in the wetness around my fingers that are inside her and it oozes frorm her. This additional wetness has a sweet taste. Is this a form of "squirting" please?

For all intents and purposes, yes. It is probably actually female ejaculation which isn't quite the same thing but many people don't distinguish between the two.

Thank you Kelly

It does seem so. I don't think everyone squirts like a fountain similar to porn stars. When I squirt, it's like a gush. Actually, when it first happened I thought I peed myself but the scent wasn't like pee at all. It also felt different in the hand. I was confused, so I googled it and that's how I found out what it was.

Congratulations! Many tried unsuccessfully to squirt for years (and given up) and (your) she makes it.

Thank you HunnyMonster29 and 4Uonly.

Yes, I appreciate we have had a chunk of luck - we do not actually set out to have a squirt, we just see how it goes. Personally it is so fantastic to see wifey really enjoying herself and it is an honour to be helping her get there....


Not all women gush out like you see in porn. When it happens to me, TMI but it just trickles.

My wife can gush when we get the time. I love it. We are away next weekend so fingers crossed 🤞🏻

EmmaC1989 wrote:


Not all women gush out like you see in porn. When it happens to me, TMI but it just trickles.

I wonder how the porn did it but it definitely feels good. Occasionally but most time I enjoyed the intensity with toys.