is this safe? kind of a first timer with toys but experienced

i wanted to buy this while my bf is away but ive heard things about the type of material it is made of. do I need to use condoms with it if I want to be safe? I'm new to dildos all I've ever had are metal vibrators so im hopeless when it comes to these things. I do want to sleep with something inside me that is bigger than my other vibrators so i assume condoms are a must for this? the reason I chose this is because its closest to my bfs stats and I cant find anything else like this that isnt above £30

It is made with skin safe rubber so it should be fine. Some people prefer to avoid these types of materials. Only way of really knowing if it agrees with you is by trying it though. It has good reviews so obviously people have been happy with it. If it isn't what you want you can always return it for up to 365 days x

It is made from skin safe rubber, which suggests that it is safe however I would definitely recommend using a condom over it as toys like this cannot be sterilized properly and can harbour bacteria easily, as they are porous. I did find a silicone (body safe) option that is the same length and just a tiny bit less in girth in your price range (it also vibrates). I'll link it incase it appeals to you but if not just use the condom over your chosen toy and enjoy x

I personally err on the side of caution and won't use jellies or rubber toys. I only use toys that are made of silicone, glass, stainless steel or aluminium (or ABS hard plastic if it's an external toy). This blog has lots of good info that may help you decide:

Would this toy be suitable for you?:

Here are all the silicone ones available here: you could even get the clone kit! I would also highly recommend glass toys - they're also available in realistic shapes.