Jessica Rabbit... something missing?

Okay so it's not as it sounds... there's not a part missing or anything from my Jessica Rabbit slimline. In fact, I love her. We've had a very good week ;)

But sometimes when I'm using her I feel like there's something missing... like a sensation. I love the ears and I only really use them on their lowest setting as my clit is very sensitive. I like the girth and wouldn't want anything much bigger but inside I don't really feel much at all. I don't have the rotating beads on because they're too noisy and I don't feel any effect from them whatsoever.

I move the shaft in and out a bit and it feels good but I feel that I could have a better orgasm if there was just an extra oomph! Can any ladies give me some advice? Anyone have a bunny where the shaft actually vibrates? Does it make any difference?

Thanks! x


I have a rather simplistic one (discontinued):

The shaft and ears both vibrate (no separate controls or anything) without any fancy features, just a flexible shaft and no rotation, but I wouldn't change it for any other rabbit. Unfortunately I can't compare it with a Jessica Rabbit -I don't have one. Personally I cannot imagine getting along with a rabbit without a vibrating shaft. Rotation alone doesn't seem enough, but that's just me.


I would say (from a guys perspective) that it is not always the action that is enjoyable. It is the sensations also around you, the thoughts you have at the time and the overall experience. I know that when my OH uses her rabbit with me around, I cuddle and caress her. She requires physical contact and for me to set the mood to get the best results.

I know if you are single some of the above may not be too helpful, however you may still be able to set the mood, use some music and have your toy under the covers to dampen down the noise of the toy (it is probably not as loud as you think to anyone outside your bedroom ).

These rabbit both have vibrating, rather than rotating, shafts:

Toy Joy Textured Dual Motor Rabbit Vibrator

Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Aquagasm Waterproof Vibrator

i have this one

i think its amazing but its probably not as powerful as the ones alice sugested

Your orgasm does not come from your vaginal tunnel, but from what is done to your clitoris and/or your G-spot. It`s like a penis: Masturbating by massaging the shaft only gets you nowhere; you have to massage the tip, and that is what a pussy does for a guy when he thrusts in and out a pussy. Make sure your Jessica gets to your G-spot while the ears do your clit. You have to position the Rabbit just right to achieve this. The pressure on the G-spot must not be hard, but more carressing. To engineer a G-spot orgasm takes practice and patience, but judging from my OH`s reaction, it is worth working for. It is a real leg-spreader! Also make sure you know exactly where to find your G-spot. Even that search can be finger-licking good. G-spot orgasm is also the frontrunner for a very sexy, lovely to watch and experience squirt.

I do fancy a go with the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Aquagasm vibrator.

But when I first looked a few months ago it was £16.99 and now it's £22.99.

Lovehoney, what happened?! Poor students can't spend too much on vibrators!