LH Desire Luxury Prostate massager - noise levels

Hello, I'm contemplating the LH Desire Luxury Prostate massager:


One of my ideas is to use it sat down (as part of my never ending "PSpot Quest"... I shall not fail).

I wondered how loud it might vibrate against a padded chair when sat down.

Has anyone got one and maybe tried anything like this?

Realise on full belt it'll probably make a racket without extra padding.

But on mid settings, wondered if it would make such a noise as to be noticeable around the house?

They should make a PSpot Quest movie, right after they've made the GSpot Quest movie.

Or... maybe not.

Also, I checked the reviews but didn't quite find that level of info from them.

Hi well I dont have toy but I hope someone can comment for you but if you are unsure you can allways ask live chat on lovehoney. But I would love to do your idea never ending "PSpot Quest" I wish I could do that! But as for sound well im not sure but I would imagine ones in you it should not make to much sound as it will be in you. I am bit scared in case it all goes in my bum and up my bum to never return lol then I will have to go to the hospital lol. Thats my only worry about this lol but as Ii don't have one I can not help you to much I am sorry.

Good point on the livechat, will do that. Thanks.

"The Never Ending PQuest"... one man's journey to The Land Of Super O, with lots of fun, but no cigar (yet) and loads of swearing :)

I've never come close to losing a massager, thankfully. They all seem to have been built to prevent that. Aneros and the like would need a helluva accident to go missing!

Massager no, plug nearly... an nJoy Pure 2.0...! But that was because I was a daft sod and decided to throw my legs over my head at one point. No idea why, just got very carried away. The 2.0 plug is SO heavy it had a go at vanishing. Just didn't panic, relaxed, retrieved, all cool. Great plug, just don't do the bloody stupid throw legs over head thing (it allegedly helps gravity bear down on the P with small plugs, just NOT NOT NOT with the nJoy 2.0... or indeed ANY plug - bloody stupid idea).

So the only near accident I've had in 2 plus years was my own stupid fault with a plug.

I really, really wouldn't worry! ...relax and have fun, which is all part of the Quest.

Just don't do anything too bloody daft!

...and if you're also on The Neverending PQuest, then you'll already know all of that! :)

I sounded a bit preachy at the end of my post, soz for that.

And if you meant losing this particular massager up yonder...

...blimey, how big do you think my bum is? :) :) :)

If the other Desire toys are anything to go by the noise shouldn't be an issue. They arnt silent but they're certainly not noisey.

I think this one is impossible to go AWOL!