Love Eggs Suggestions.

Recently my girlfriend decided that its about time she began to spruce up her toy collection, seeing as it currently stands at about 1 we thought that it should be easy to improve on that.. then we found love eggs, and the piqued our interest, what we wanted to know was how do they work? whats the big deal anyway, suggestions, for buying how do they feel why would you want them instead of say a vibrator, and so on, someone please just describe (in personal detail if you must) what we should do when it comes to these little buggers.

It depends on the person I use my eggs to exercise my muscles to keep them tight and also for muscle control during sex. They do feel nice when I walk, but the ones I have you can hear the small balls within them so I tend to use it at home. But some lucky people can orgasm from them.

Hmm, cheers, will bear that in mind, I can see why having a clinking vagina might not be the most socially acceptable thing while walking around the supermarket.

I am sure you can get remote controled Love Eggs now. More fun. Just think you and your fine lady could be out shoping ( her egg in place) then you could press the button ;-) x

You can get remote controlled love eggs - I have one and my partner loved it, eats the batteries though! I also have a cyber flicker egg which is on a wire and I use this externally - it's fantastic!

We have lots of toys, but one we especially like is our Penthouse Golden Nugget Vibrating Egg. My wife inserts it in her vagina and I insert my penis and we fuck with it vibrating inside. Really wild orgasms. We also use it externally on her clitoris and on my penis. Great toy.