Lovehoney Glitches

Not sure if already reported, or just an issue that only I am having, but recently the forum controls in the banner at the top of mobile page (fine if using desktop view} are overlapping.

Seems to be fine if visiting lovehoney shop.


It has been reported but definitely a good shout to post it here too :+1:

It seems to be both Android (various browsers) and iPhone affected. Started Thursday, I think, probably an inadvertent hiccough to another last minute tweek before the Easter break and I suspect won’t be fixed until Tuesday.

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Hi everyone.

Everytime i want to view my basket it loads an incorrect looking page and says sorry i cant view this - tried adding a photo to show it but says i cant embed media items on the forum

I have tried this on my phone and PC, using three browsers and all have the same issue. I have tried clearing out cookies, history etc and still no change. Understand the live chat is unavailable on a weekend (understandable) so thought i would ask here

Just an update for you as it is now fixed.

Not sure what happened but here is what i did to fix it.

Added a random product to the basket when not logged in.

Logged in and went to the basket and that random product correctly loaded (minus the products that i had in the basket previously) so can only assume that something became corrupt that a cookie / browser cache couldnt clear but adding a product when not logged in did fix.

Just to remember what i had in the basket now :smiley:

Have a good week all

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This should hopefully be displaying better now - please can you let me know if the icons are still displaying weirdly for you? :slight_smile:

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All correct for me (Android) now :+1:

All good for me on iPhone now too thank you.

All correct for me now on android @Lovehoney_Brenna thank you

Currently unable to load any of my previous orders on the AU site :sob: awful timing as I was just gonna go through to figure out what I still need to review

Here’s a screenshot of what I see

3 days later, and still no change on being unable to see my orders :sob:
Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon :face_exhaling: at this point, I can’t make returns or refund any orders from my account page and have to dig through emails for order numbers