Male sex toys advise

Hi, I’m looking for advice for my fiance (love saying this as we only just got engaged​:ring::gem:,) so after watching me enjoying sex toy’s for myself he’s now interested in getting some for himself, so what do you all recommend everyone? He’s not into anal at present but is interested in finding the prostate.

BTW I did search this along with several other topics however I’m unable to get advise on this as well as other topics


I cannot give you any advice re anal toys as anal not really my thing, but each to there own. I have used penis pumps and get good results with pumping, penis becomes larger and harder but for me does not last long enough for any success (suffer with ED)
so may work for him. Cock rings may make him last longer, good for both of you. @sexifooks


Haven’t got any advice on anal toys I’m afraid, hubby’s not into anything anal.

We have vibrating cock rings we use during our sessions. Also strokers, I brought them for him a couple of months ago. He particularly likes it when I use them on him, especially when I give him a blowjob at the same time :smirk:

Oh yeah, and don’t forget plenty of lube :+1: you’re definitely going to need it :wink:


A good place to start with prostate stimulation is a prostate massager. LH have a wide choice. You can get manual one’s or vibrating ones. It’s your (or his) choice really.The Aneros toys have a good reputation.


Hi the below is a good selection and some starting points and plus in the Black Friday deals :lovehoney_heart:

Can recommend them all and maybe the cock ring or couples toy is a good starter.



I would recommend a fleshlight or stroker as a first male toy. They are great if you want to share the experience by using mutually or equally it could be used by him independently. With you watching on if you both desire. While it won’t help with the prostate, if he’s keen to get “some toys” perhaps one fleshlight/stroker and another prostate specific toy would give the best of both worlds.

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Maybe a vibrating cock ring might be a nice starting point for him or even a prostate massager if feeling a little daring. Maybe even both! :nerd_face:

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I’ve mislead you guys and ladies here, he’s not wanting anything for anal at the moment but he’s wanting to find out more about finding the prostate which is something that I need to look into.

I apologize profusely for going in guns blazing with talk of the prostate as he’s unwilling to explore that area atm so we are thinking of the following products - what’s your thoughts lads and ladies:

We aren’t sure which one of these to go for as the thrust one says extra tight and my partner is on the large side so can I please get your opinions? Thanks

Thank you for the advise and suggestions it’s very much appreciated. @Daisy1982 we thought about the blow motion but with Mr Sexifooks being on the larger side we’re not wanting to risk spending too much on a toy that may not work

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The Head Master stroker’s very nice although take care not to give yourself a black eye using it on him. :crying_cat_face: While your fiancé might not want anything in his bum, he might enjoy something tickly like a bullet vibe around the outside - through underwear can be rather fun. :drooling_face:

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