Men in Women's Underwear

That’s really awesome idea. Hope my wife see this post

@PlayingDirty Because I don’t feel cool unless I’m 10 years late for anything, here’s my thoughts:

I actually would be down for it. In concept anyway. Specifically with my OH I would feel strange because I also don’t see her being the type to have me do so.

But assuming I was single and on the dating scene that would be ok with me.

Though I will say that only wearing her panties would feel strange. In my mind it’s an initial step to her feminizing me and being my Dom. Eventually I’d be her sissy slave where she and a friend peg me from both ends.

Though that’s one specific fantasy as well. Don’t know if I’d enjoy just being a sissy slave forever.

As I was glancing through the threads and read “Men in women’s underwear” I had a snicker at when I was single and how many times my hand and playing fingers would fit that title .


Not sure why. It wearing a pair of my OH panties turns me on! I can literally feel myself getting instantly excited, and naughty! Love it going out in that and the thought that no one else knows how turned on I am or why :grin:


Completely understand that, part of it is the taboo nature. I’ve been out in stockings and holdups before with similar reactions. Never been brave enough to go out in the shoes though.

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Not sure I’d walk about with anyone being able to see it! It’s like I’m walking around with a permanent semi :joy:

Stilettos click so loudly too, really draw attention as you’re passing the local workmen

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Female wear is in all more comfortable looking in the grand scheme of things.


Lol, heels and lingerie are where it stops for me so I would be just a bloke walking in 6 inch heels. Tends to get more looks one would think.

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Must say this is something I’m into, however it doesn’t do anything for Annie, but she certainly accepts this fetish of mine and also encourages me to explore it. Sunday just gone Annie actually brought me some sexy lace panties specifically for me to wear while I’m at work​:sweat_drops::wink:.


D likes to wear women’s (mine) underwear in bed sometimes and loves it when I (L) chastise him for it


So many people get very passionate about this - they are either huge fans or totally against it…

It’s only clothes and I for one love the feelings and emotions that lingerie can create whether it’s on a sexy lady, my own body or both.

I think it’s far more common than most will admit, but wish a few more ladies would open their minds to it.

It’s OK for women to dress as they please, but a straight guy that likes to blur the edges of conventional bedroom activity isn’t alright for many.


Totally agree MSD - I enjoy all the bras panties basques slips strappy vests and bralettes. So much more sensational than boring ts and boxers