Men who like wearing lingerie - I wanna hear from you!

I like lingerie that is made for women , don’t really like to see it on men. A sizing guide would be a real help. As for kinds and types ? Panties are my number one but love most anything that a woman would wear under her clothes or in the bedroom.

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Hi Brenna,

  • Is there anything that would make it easier for you to select and find lingerie? - I find lingerie shopping very easy. At first it was a challenge, more so finding items I liked, rather than the actual purchasing part. A lot of the websites had poor photo displays of the lingerie which was not very flattering and uninspiring. Eventually I came across 2 websites which featured lingerie nicely displayed on beautiful women, which made it easier to see how flattering the styles were. As much as I enjoy online shopping, I’d really like to visit some of the local lingerie stores and try before I buy, So far I’ve been lucky with sizing and styles, but there are a couple of items which just aren’t 100%, and I might not have bought them if I’d tried them on first.

  • What style of lingerie are you interested in (eg. Bras, bodystocking etc.)? - My main interest is below the waist. I started wearing knickers quite young, and have been in and out of the habit and struggling with it most of my life. Funnily enough a girlfriend helped me over come this. She held a lingerie party at home, and even though I was confined to the bedroom, she came and showed me everything she tried on, for my approval. Mainly knickers and some matching bralettes. She bought quite a few items, and didn’t seem to wear it, so when i commented that it was going to waste, she asked me to try some on. As it had been throughout my life up to that point, it was really the knickers I enjoyed wearing. She did ask me to try one of the bralettes, but other than being tight, it just didn’t look right. She had me wear her stockings and suspenders a few times as well, which was a lot of fun. The styles she bought were tangas, v strings, Brazilian and a couple of bikini style. Minimalist is better for me, I don’t like granny pants and high cut. Now I buy mainly Brazilian and v string styles.

  • Would you like to see images of the garments on men? - No. In the same way as I found lingerie poorly displayed on female models (models who aren’t attractive to me) or lust laid out on a display stand completely unappealing, I find lingerie displayed on a man equally unappealing, and wouldn’t be interested in purchasing it. I like to see lingerie displayed on what I perceive to be a beautiful female body, even though I know I’m not going to look as good wearing it.