Mile high

Sitting at the airport lounge waiting for a flight, I have quite a few weeks away from the wife.
Would anyone join the mile high club?? I mean those airline toilets how the hell would you fit 2 people in :joy::joy::joy: and what position would be possible :joy:answers on a postcard

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Hell yeah
You dont necessarily need the toilets @Craig1234 :laughing:
Plenty of blankets and be discreet as you can, also would depend of the size of the plane.
Some places you can hire planes just for the purpose of joining the MHC


Definitely not the budget airlines, can’t even move in the seat without knocking the adjacent 20 people :joy:

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Maybe it’s for the pilot and Co pilot ? And cabin crew that get to these dizzy heights ! Although I felt like I have been fooked by some airlines when flying @Craig1234 it’s never happened to me mate unless I missed it :crazy_face:

Never in the toilet but did wank my man off under a blanket on the return journey of our honeymoon in 1997 - good times


Never had full sex but we have made each other orgasm on a flight.

The blankets they provide are so handy!


Unless you fly first class it’s not possible- but I agree with a blanket there could be pleasure to both


A blanket and good timing is necessary.

So when everyone is fed and watered and bedded down for the night, then you can get busy. It actually didn’t take long as we were horny as hell and soon finished to the satisfaction of both of us. It also helps you sleep. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Idea of joining the mile high club actually sounds super fun (I’ve never flown though)
I feel even though I’d be super into the idea my girlfriend will probably not be as keen due to the risks :blush:

Having worked in aviation for 30 years, I’ve been a member of the club a few times over the last 20 years. However, knowing how unhygienic the toilets on planes really are, it takes a very special lady to tempt me!! :joy:

Too right after a 7.25 and an 8 hour flight with a 4hr break there’s definitely no way :joy: