My bathmate has arrived! And I’m gonna do a progression blog

I’ll be starting the blog in the next couple of weeks.

Going to post up my whole routine. And any gains made each 4 weeks.


Your post about when you stopped you practically returned to normal, unfortunately that’s one of the problems with bathmate I found.

I stopped as I was getting red spots I started just under the 6" after 6 weeks I was well above the 7 and girth gained a lot.

I’ve read a lot of people’s progress thread on them, you have to listen to your penis too, like all parts of the body they need recovery time.

In my programme I will be having a few days recovry/stretching and light jelquing.

From my experience so far just using bathmate alone, building pressure up progressively each week helped maintain a healthy penis.

I absolutely believe that over at least 6 months or continues training you will notice. After 12 - 18 month…we will see

Yeah man, I am interested to see what you do different to me, and maybe then I’ll break mine out again, you have to be really dedicated to do a full 12 months I think as it really does turn into a chore after a couple of months, and I still have a two toned dick now! It has faded though but it’s still there

It absolutely is a commitment, the same as building muscle. No train, no gain.

Not going to start with the hydro7 then change to hydromax7 half way through, it might mess wthe progress up.

Just going to start it with the hydromax7


I’ve decided to have another crack at growing this thing again, the best I got upto last time was 6.75” in length (3/4” gain) and 5.7 girth (nearly 3/4” gain there too) this time I want to get over 7” in length and 6” in girth, I did lose pretty much all my gains in length when I stopped for a long time, but surprisingly I kept most of my girth gains.
I’ve realised during my first go around that there was things I did wrong, or things I didn’t do at all, my old routine was 3x5 pumping sessions 5-7 days a week, I always wore a cock ring and went in fully hard, didn’t really let my dock get fully soft again before doing the next pump, that led to the discolouration.
My plan this time around 3x5 min pumping sessions 3-5 days a week, no cock rings, going in semi erect only, I’ve just ordered a jelq roller so I will do a fail6 jelq session, on pumping days I will jelq beforehand, this is something I’ve never done really, every time I tried to jelq just using my hand, it would always turn into a wank!
So from next week I will start a one or two weekly update post again and see if I make any serious gains, me and MrsToysrus always put a big order in at lovehoney when I get my Xmas bonus, and if I get some good results I will upgrade to the hydromax or hydromax extreme depending on how much I get


I almost choked on my brew laughing at this. :joy: Can relate.

Looking forward to hearing your updates over the coming weeks…

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Every damn time! If I stroke, I just can’t stop, so hopefully the roller will take the fun element out of it….only time will tell!

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I’m thinking of getting one myself. Heard good things.

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They definitely work, so if you’re thinking about it, go and do it, it won’t be long until you wanna walk around naked all day and do “the helicopter” :joy:



Hi, great thread thanks, I own the Hydromax 7 have done for wow must be over 2 years now, purchased this and left a review on LH , I bought this to see if I could correct a curve towards the tip of my shaft anyways I just wanted to put some of my experience down for you so let me start with my stats back when I last took measurements so to give value to my comments.

PBEL 7.2 inches that’s Pubic Bone Errection Length

Girth 5.2 inches at the fattest point in my case the base

Does the Bathmate work for curve correction I can only say yes it did I am not going to say it’s totally straightened me out so to speak but it made a bigger than expected difference for me so I was extremely happy initially, but even the straightening took a lot of effort and in hindsight it was not worth the effort or money.

Doe it make your penis bigger ABSOLUTELY. Even if not desired.

Gains for me went like this.

From about week 2 to week 4 following a 2 day on 2 day rest 2 day on routine with a good warm up and 3 x 5 mins pumping with variations of Flaccid, semi erect and fully erect I was hitting the limit of the pump both length maybe 8 inches and I was hitting the release valve on the inside, Girth also I was getting tighter to get the pump off my shaft, BUT this lasts for about 20 mins and then barring some water retention back to your good old self.

It certainly is not all good news, the wife when I dropped my towel and she looked at the size of me following a pump up was not so happy, it was a struggle to get fully hard the sex was uncomfortable for her and honestly I lost some really treasured sensations.

What I found was a swollen 8 inches with 6.inches + girth whilst it looked from an ego point great…… it was not so great and anyone who claims permanent gains are well simply kidding themselves Pumping will anatomically never permanently change the size of your Penis, it may more likely have the exact opposite effect due to micro tearing and subsequently scaring, I have read all the blurbs cell division blah blah blah none sense absolutely.

So back to this very day and the Pump has long since gone in the bin and guess what my penis is exactly the same size and shape that it has been since I finished pubic growth the skin discolouration from burst blood vessels has all but disappeared and now that I have the experiences of the Bath Mate I can say without doubt it does what it says on the tin, just don’t for one minute think this is permanent, for anyone wanting to experience pumping I say ensure you go into this with a sensible mind a penis pump is not a Toy it must be used with absolute respect.


I absolutely agree with all that you said there, it is something purely for male ego, and as you said for us it looks great but for the ladies some positions can be painful and not enjoyable, I also agree this is not a toy, you can do serious damage, the best thing to do is follow the instructions they give you, I think if I carried on using a cock ring all the time with it I could have done some serious damage, luckily I only used it for a few months.
It’s a tough slog for a bit of a size increase, it has made me realise what I’ve got is enough, it was a nice experiment to say the least, but not something I could keep up for the long haul, but it was nice to hear your experience with it too


yes ball suck is brutal :grimacing:

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That’s good, red spots are normal…kind of like muscle soreness from working out never had a lasting problem from them.

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After experiencing it certainly not something you would want to repeat.

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Red spots are not a good sign, you should take a break from pumping if you get them.

Penis pumps really should be treated with respect…over do it and you will cause permanent damage.

I got red spots by pumping too hard straight away, same as i tore a muscle going heavy in the gym too soon.

Get a routine with the pump, build the pressure up in stages, just like you would building weight up in the gym.

Listen to your body, it will tell you if you’re over working it.

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@ToysRusDevon thanks for this thread, it’s been very informative.
I’ve just ordered a hydro max 7 from Lovehoney.
I’ll be interested to see what results I get, taking your experience on board.


Let me know how you get on, as I’ve said, don’t expect a massive increase, but you will see some results for sure if you keep up with it, it’s a marathon not a sprint!

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Thanks and I will do.
It would be nice to get some gain but to be honest if all I get is another way to play with my willy that will be fun anyway!

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