My First Vibes

One of my male friends got me interested in sex toys after discussing the various things he and his girlfriend have.

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I don't plan to get into another anytime soon but he couldn't see why I couldn't enjoy myself.

Enter LoveHoney... I got myself two vibes - a small one and a bigger one I also got a free blue one.

The small silver one was amazing on my clit so when I moved on to the Honey pet, I put some music on since I am in Halls at Uni but unless I used the silver one with it...I didn't go nowhere. Also the batteries rattled around it in making it extra noisey. I tried the small free blue one but it was the same except it was soo much quieter.

I don't know whether its because I am inexperinced but I would like some advice on what might improve things of me with my Honey pet and Small blue one.

try ann summers pocket pleasure they're quite good and not too noisy only problem is they break after a year or so but its cheap so it doesn't really matter.

Vibes are good but dildos are better.. I would advise though if your a first timer buy a starter kit that has in all different things you can try, something simular to this It has a vibe with differnt sleaves you can try out.. find out what you like before you go spending alot. And as for haveing some fun alone YOU GO HUN, its the best time to explore what you like. :P

I would agree with everything Laynie said but would just like to add if it is a vibrator youre looking for then I'd reccomend you try something which has a nice texture to it and multiple speeds so that you can experiment and find what you like best, this looks great in terms of different settings, cheap and good reviews:
and its waterproof! Its certainly on my wishlist!

And you mention clit stim being most enjoyable, why not take the plunge with a rabbit:

most importantly have fun,