Need help understanding how to make posts and start new topics

Hey all we are new to LH not buying toys, to the community and help with how to post things and starting new topics would be much appreciated I hope all you wonderful people can help us.

Also after reading our bio if we can help let us know.:heart::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks all,

Steve & Laura.


Hi and Welcome @Steve_Laura69 :wave:

You will find plenty of helpful advice from all the forum members and current threads available om here :grin:


Probably a silly question but I’m struggling to upload photos I shared some a few years ago and want to share some of me hopefully looking good any advice would be awesome

So by starting a new topic have I basically made a post just for us to say hey to people? Lol :joy:

Thanks you for helping us.

Steve & Laura

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Me and the wife are new to this to.

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Hi @Fent10

It depends what LH trust level you are at before you can upload pics :+1:

Me and the wife bought her a vibrator last year, really spiced things up, but we want to try other things, what does everyone recommend

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Thanks yes I saw on my profile I’m basic how do get upgraded I guess to be able to share pictures

Many thanks

I’ve had a read through and still struggling lol maybe we are just to tired to work it out for tonight lol it’s been a long day! :laughing:

Welcome from fellow newbies ourselves!


Under mattress restraints mixed with a blind fold and of course if your going full on play WAP in the background :kissing_heart:

@Fent10 this should help you. You need to be on trust level 2 for pic uploads

@Steve_Laura69 you have mastered posting already :ok_hand:


Cool I’m sure I’ll get there, thanks I’m just dying to show off and some comments from members dressed up as a girl in my school girl outfit

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Hi @Steve_Laura69 :wave:

The link @SexySmoggy gave you should give you all the info needed to get started on the forum. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it all :+1:t2:

Welcome aboard!

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Something else to help you all


Looking good you two @Steve_Laura69 ! Welcome!

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Hi :wave: @Steve_Laura69 welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and welcome :hugs:

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Hi and welcome, just join any threads that you see on the forum or start new topics. Overall a very friendly open minded place. Great to have you on board

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