Next step for anal vibrations!

So... We've been doing anal for some time now in the bedroom, mainly some fingers (me in wife) and the following vibrating butt plug which the other half can now insert easily and enjoys during sex.

I bought another vibrating plug from an inferior website and its just too big for her, if we try to insert she can't relax enough to take the girth.

Can anyone recommend the next size up from the one we've used from LH that might be best to ease up to a bigger size.

Any help appreciated!

anyone any ideas :( Not sure Love Honey has anything looking at it...

I have this -

I find it easy to insert and then can be pumped to whatever size you want. Quick release button makes it so easy to deflate if you go too far.

Switch on the vibrations and off you go.


How about this one
they also have a large version.

Yes, so good choice - the blow up one I've just ordered and we had one a while back that broke! The other half has agreed that would be good to buy again.

We have the second one, but again I think it's broken :( It also doesn't stay in quite as well as the original one I posted we love so much!

LH needs to make a slightly bigger version of it :)

Richy, dont be afraid to try some of the P-spot plugs, they may be designed for blokes but the P-spot is located in a very similar location anotomically as the G-spot on a woman. The wall between the rectum and vagina is thin and she will get plenty of stimulation that way as well.