No vibrations

So I haven't really had any luck with just dildos or even just my own hands (probably part lack of technique and part still feeling a bit weirded by my body) so I always use a vibrator (clitoral or a rabbit) and seem to also be a bit of power queen but I don't want to get used to relying on vibrations all the time.

I have the satisfy me curve but it doesn't do anything at all for me, I find it draggy even with plenty lube, so I was thinking of trying a glass one.

I like the look of this one I like the look of the texture and it's not too slimline (I like a reasonable girth but not huge) but it's a bit pricey if it doesn't suit.

the other one I was looking at was this one as I might have more chance of hitting the right spot.

Which do you think I would I would more luck with or do you have any suggestions? Does anyone else struggle without vibrations? Should I just work on technique with the silicone curve? Any advise appreciated.

I think the last one looks good, it might prevent the drag if you use glass and you can use a silicone lube that lasts longer. Some women also prefer the hardness of the glass since it makes it easier to hit the right spot with preferable force :)

Unfortunately though, some women can't achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation, I am one of them. I enjoy using dildos but I usually use a clitoral vibrator att the same time.

Thanks, I'm prepared that clitoral stimulation will most likely still be needed and am going to work on not needing vibrations for that too. As long as I can find something that's at least pleasant internally at the same time because I do like both together!

Maybe you could try using a orgasm balm or gel to help inscrease the sensation on your clit? Something like this: from the 3 for £10 deal

I can't speak for you, but most of the time I don't like glass at all. I much prefer silicone dildos with interesting surfaces - I have a Tantus that's not unlike this one: .

Thanks mamz I had been considering that. I think it's just that I'm a bit nervous of myself down there, I've had surgery and biopsies in the past, I think the slight detachment of toys helps because I'm happy to be quite rough/firm with them but I'm still cautious with my own hands! How silly!