Does anyone know any places in the UK (South West would be preferred), that you can be naked without it being hidden/taboo? Would love to have a trip away where everyone can just be naked and enjoy a break away, any hotels, beaches, holiday resort etc? Thanks! :smiley:


I can’t name them here, there are a few naturist places around where you can also book to stay. There are also quite a few beaches that are officially recognised naturist beaches.

Google should give you quite a few places to choose from.


I’m pretty sure you can if you want to? Just don’t organise a meet up in one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are right I most likely can as they are not selling toys.

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Budleigh Salterton had a beach with a nudist section.

We learnt that when having walk on it and suddenly realising everyone around us was naked!!! We had no idea, and were fully dressed. :open_mouth:

There’s a British Naturism movement that has a website with loads of places and clubs around the country. There’s even a naked swim at my old school swimming pool once a month that I’m going to try once the lockdown restrictions finally end

Studland, near Poole in Dorset?


@Kel28 I believe there’s several naturist campsite in the south west. Naturist campsites in South West England

Also Wild Pear Beach near Ilfracombe on the North Devon coast has been ranked as one of best nudist beach in the world.

Have never been but it’s on the list maybe someday.

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Maybe do a Google search for it as I’m sure there must be a website with all these places listed.

Just google ‘naturist beaches in south west England’ or be more specific by county. There are quite a number of naturist beaches by some are quite a walk from the main road or car park etc.

Acorns Naturist Retreat in Devon is a nice little place to stay with private grounds… Have a little look on google, there will be plenty more naturist camps around too.

And Knoll Beach - Studland Bay near Poole like @RuggerBugger said, given you can get the weather, that is a great beach!