Open House Channel 4

Has anyone watched the documentary on channel 4 Open House ‘the great sex experiment’?

I managed to catch last night’s episode and I have never seen so many awkward conversations and situations.

What was particularly interesting was the number of times that the partner in the couple who was most up for it ended up being the most insecure.

It also seemed that threesomes and even foursomes were quite intimidating whereas an orgy situation where things natural progressed weren’t.

Worth a watch, especially if considering introducing others into your relationship.


Really interesting to see all the negotiation that goes on and like you say how some of the couples or one member of the couples might be the most hung ho until it comes down to it and then they panic or discover an unconsidered barrier …

I have just put it on and realised we watched the first season. Gonna watch it tonight and rest are on record. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I tend no to watch things like that but for educational purposes it does kinda interest me to see how their thought patterns and dynamics are to help me understand better peoples ways :sweat_smile:

Watched the first two episodes now and I don’t really understand what the experiment is?. I’m sure they are actors rather than real members of public and everything is very scripted. Still worth a watch though.

It is one of the best examples of car crash TV there is.

Fake as the sky is blue and we love it.

There is no way in hell these people are the ages they claim to be. It’s always the same people from the non-monogamous group that actually have sex with the visitors. (Assuming they have full on sex, camera angles can easily keep you guessing)

The sex psychologist, or whatever the hell she calls herself is amazing. Must have taken years of University level education to sharpen her observational skills to ask those cutting questions that get right to the heart of the dilemma. For me she is right up there with “Em & Lo” when it comes to sexpertise. Stating the obvious does not an expert make.

First episode of this season? Douchebag instagram couple want a threesome, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to analyse that one. He’s as needy as a toddler, she’s far to self centred and wants someone else. Two people very unhappy in a relationship think a strangers cock holds all the answers.

Thank you channel 4, you can dress it up with glitz and glam. But it’s still garbage TV. Fabulous.

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I watched it the past few nights, its so cringy lol

First episode of the second series i was fuming at the lassy for calling the fella selfish because he didnt want another fella to pump her lol

I know a couple of the “residents” are onlyfans modtls, i follow them on twitter etc
so its basically tiktok, twitter “models”

All the boundaries that get set are broken early on lol madness

Me & my other half sat & watched a few episodes and laughed or cringed all the way through them at the shit chat lol

I was looking forward to it and was disappointed… I’ll stick with my LHF thank you very much !!!

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Watched it again together as OH fell asleep last night… I have mixed views now and I’m not so sure about the whole stud muffins and super sexy women… Its all a bit love island. Muscles, big tits, perfect hair and no doubt big dicks… Its not a real depiction of life.
The one thing I do get is, that we have all overcome the nervousness of something new and come out the other side with something better in our lives… I didnt need ch4 to get me to masturbate and cum in front of my babe… It was LHF that did that for me :heart: :heart: :heart:
We both agree that we dont want to see each other with someone else regardless of threesome or foursome etc… But we both said that the orgy scene without sharing would be kinky.
I’d love to fuck her in front of other people fucking… but not Ken and Barbie !!!

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I had a bit of time earlier, checked twitter. Alot of them are “content creators” now. Be it from doing this or before, but a bit suspicious after what was noticed by most of us

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So your saying its the ‘trueman show’… ???
I’m kinda getting that vibe too.
Are we being played??

I’m watching it now, I hadn’t heard of it before until I saw a comment about it. I’m watching Season 1 and I quite like it. I’m enjoying the open conversations that people are having and seeing how people are overcoming their fears.

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