P-spot Massager

Hi all, just recently bought and used a P-spot massager, as it’s the first toy/thing I’ve had up there I felt uncomfortable but the orgasm was amazing. Does it normally feel like that or wasn’t I relaxed enough?

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Takes a bit of getting used to… I’ve used a few different toys.

This is my fav, it was a little uncomfortable to start but OMG the Orgasm was amazing.


First times always feel a tad odd but with practice and getting used to it you’ll soon find it becomes more pleasing :relieved:

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Was it a bit too big for your first time?

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Absolutely normal to feel like that. The feeling of being “invaded” actually adds to the sensation. I have had a few soft butt plugs that were very comfortable, but they didn’t feel as good while playing.

You managed to orgasm 1st time??? Wow! That’s impressive! It’s hurt with me before but gotta accept no pain no gain, had my 1st p orgasm couple weeks ago, toy hurt 1st time I tried it, pulled it out pretty much straight away. Week later I plucked up the courage n did again. Best decision ever!


Call it a very snug fit :joy::sweat_smile:

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That was brave for your first time lol

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