Positions for a smaller than average penis

Hi all, I need some advice! I know we all come in wildly different shapes and sizes and that’s fine, but this is a new one on me… I’ve started seeing someone and his manhood is a little, well, little. I really have no clue what to do with it!

When hard, he is approx 3.5in-4in long and the same in girth. Seriously, I’ve never encountered this in combination, and this is the shortest

The first time, I put it down to nerves and alcohol but, nope, it is what it is.

To be blunt, it’s really underwhelming. Obviously I wouldn’t tell him that - which is why I’m seeking your tips!

It’s all well and good saying focus more on foreplay but I’m not massively into loads of foreplay (on myself) and I need the penetration side too. I don’t want to be whipping out toys as mine as all substantially larger - even my butt plugs are bigger than him - and I don’t want him to feel inadequate :frowning:

Can anyone suggest any positions that would work best for this? We have tried a few but none are quite hitting the spot - even the literal gspot. I’ve had a Google but nothing is coming up that gives much help - not to mention all the guys getting their pants in a twist and calling women names for saying size matters to her, even if she is asking for advice… Hopefully I won’t get that here. There has to be some way around this!!! I want to try to make this work! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance.

Hello and welcome back @waitingformagic :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid I don’t have any specific positions to suggest, but you could have a browse of the Positions of the Week topic for some inspiration?

I’ll chuck in a link to the Massive One too: :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Welcome @waitingformagic

Hopefully I can help

Most guys already think they have a small cock anyway
Being one of those guys myself (I’m 6in hard) I live going down on my wife.

You will need to talk to him about it, talking is key, Lovehoney do cock extenders or something

Have you tried a clit vibrator while he is fucking you? Or you need the penetration?

As for position, I recommend you on your back with your legs on his shoulders, this will make him as get deep as he can go.

I have a question, how is it when you give him oral? Enjoy it or want more?

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As @JS90 has suggested or google seashell position and helps with a pillow under butt/lower back. Doggy should be ok but concentrate more on all the way in with short strokes not like pulling it all the way out good for clitoral stimulation by hand from either of you. Hope you get something that works for you.


personally doggy ( doesn’t always mean anal) is better for me being on the chunky side of things as a sort of heavy set couple we get a greater sense of movement and feel. not being particularly well hung , sounds silly but I end up pulling poses as the other half is reaching under the headboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No you will not, I actually commend you for inquiring for help.
The link Chimp posted may help as well a penis extender suggested by JS90. As to how best broach the subject of using a sleeve you could say it is a bit of a fetish or fantasy so as to not cause offence.

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The best one I know of for depth, is; you lay on your side with the top leg pulled up until your thigh is at 90 degrees to your body, but leave the lower one straight down. He then straddles your lower thigh moving up until he’s in you.

You can also lift the top leg up onto his chest, if you are flexible enough. It’s called scissors I believe.


Positions where you legs can be as closed as possible or ones where one or both of you legs are in the air are often recommend for this.

Doggy is a good option anyway, but try and see if you can do this with your legs in between his. A spooning position may also help. Or try laying on your front, with him on top of you from behind with his legs either side of yours.

You said you have butt plugs, would you be able to wear one during sex? If you are concerned about showing it to him first, you could always ask him for his opinion on you using one beforehand (either directly or in a flirty chat) and if he is positive about it, surprise him with it being in.

Do you squeeze your kegel muscles during sex? It takes a bit of working out the rhythm (you don’t want to be squeezing when he is trying to thrust inside you) but it may help him hit your g spot.

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I enjoy lying on my back with my legs on his shoulders, that seems to be the deepest we have found and seems to hit my gspot too. Like this one but he tends to be on his knees for stability. If he’s not very girthy either you could try using a butt plug or trying some double penetration with a dildo if that’s something you might enjoy?

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I think its all been covered and its all according if he’s happy to talk about it as well. He will more than likely know he’s smaller than average but to talk about it is different I suppose.
In my experience its either doggy with my bum as far up in the air as possible, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and with a vutt plug in also.
I need loads of clitoral stimulation though so as long as I’m getting that I’m not really bothered about length and girth


Hmm tricky situation to answer and I guess the best way to tackle it is get creative, give him reassurance as I’m sure he knows he’s below average in size and probably is nervous to say to you about it in fears of the whole awkward conversation but maybe it would be nice for you to open up to him and get a talk going to see how he feels as I’m sure he’d be willing to try things like a penis sleeve to make the experience more pleasing for you which in turn will make him feel better knowing he’s fulfilling your desires…


Like others have said almost positions that your legs are as closed as possible. Also doggy but with your arms leant on the bed (or wherever you are) so you’re at an angle rather than up on all fours. If that makes sense :joy:

I wouldn’t mention penis extensions etc if things are new you don’t want to offend him. Speaking from personal experiences. I have done this and it didn’t end well at all :grimacing: Cock rings can help with girth a little. And like others have said wearing a butt plug at the same time could help too.

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@Alicia-Siempre That position is a good shout actually, we havent tried it! I used to have a f-buddy who did it though, he was really muscly and it made him appear smaller down there and hard to get proper access. That position was actually a godsend! Thanks for the reminder!

@Newton27 yep I was surprised people suggested an extender when I said I wasnt wanting to use my toys for fear of making him feel inadequate… how would telling him to make himself bigger with a toy be any less awkward? Certainly not something I’d even ask a long term boyfriend to do to be honest. If they suggest it, it would be different but not something I would ever feel comfortable with suggesting personally. I’m glad someone is on the same page with me on that one, I was starting to wonder! Thanks :slight_smile:


I think it could be the worst thing to suggest in my opinion. Way to tell him he’s not doing it for you and damage any confidence he does have :see_no_evil:

Imagine a new partner turning round and saying maybe we should try some tightening gel cus we’re not tight enough :joy: they’d be shown the door for sure!

My partner used to go on about his size, I don’t have a problem with it myself. He’s the only man who’s ever given me vaginal orgasms so I can’t complain. But I suggested if it bothered him so much maybe look into an extension :grimacing: the issues it caused I wish I could’ve taken it back instantly :joy:


One of my favourite finishing positions after I’ve made her cum… :heart:

I had a similar situation in the past.

With you on your back, have a pillow under your hips, him on top.

You on top and squatting down on him (meaning both of your feet flat on the bed).

Not sure if you two can do this, but if you’re on your back and he can bend your knees back so they’re on the bed and he drives down into you, that is the ultimate position. Your feet can be on his chest or on either side of him (whatever feels comfortable). It’s not the best for long periods of time, but feels great. More of a finishing move.

Also, pretty sure you can Google “sex positions for small penis” and go from there. Good luck!