@Sheetfreak69 Is it specifically Pygeum Africanum Extract you are talking about? I found one that is an extract and says it’s 20:1 100 mg (equivalent of 20000 mg). Does that sound right, or too much?

Also, I came across this online being mentioned for cum volume. I’ll copy paste here; not my words or advice:

L-Arganine, 1000mg daily (NOTE: Avoid if you are prone to herpes outbreaks. Can increase their frequency.)
Zinc, 50mg daily
Pygeum, 100mg twice daily
Lecithin, 1200mg daily

Have heard of, or use any of these, or others?

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Yeah. I use the Swanson and it is 400mg twice per day.

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ive never heard of this… i will have to do some googling! thanks

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That is what I take everyday also good for prostate.

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I do drink a lot of water. Like a minimum of 1 gallon a day and usually it’s between 1 & 2 per day.

That was on one of the PE sites. That is what I take ever day it works.

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any side effects with that large of a dose? How long have you been taking that?
Just looking at Web MD and it recommends 75-200mg daily for up to a year having been found to be safe.

I use that exact recipe. It is very successful. I would not take that much pygeum in he beginning of your statement. Seems like way too much. The 100mg serving does it just fine.

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I definitely cycle it. Don’t want to overdue it and I don’t want my body getting too used to it. I would do 3 months on and 1 month off.

Add sunflower lecithin and plenty of water. You’ll thank me later. I drink about 96oz of water a day. Sometimes more.

Had an interesting pre cum , was nude sunbathing and as I was switching from laying on my back to front I noticed a nice amount of pre cum . I did not waste it . No idea why it showed up , maybe heat and sunshine . I don’t know .