Primetime UK TV Programme

Are you a proud sex toy enthusiast? Is your house a home to a multitude of dildos, vibrators and butt-plugs? TalkbackTHAMES are looking for potential contributors to appear on a new series called Sex - How To Do Everything, and perhaps you fit the bill.

We are looking for sex toy evangelists to appear on our programme and sing the praises of sex toys big and small, simple and complex. If you are interested in appearing please contact or call on 020 7861 8136.

Primetime? Channel Five? Shurely shome mistake?

Can anyone verify this? I think I fit the bill (as do most of us! lol) but I'd want some confirmation first.

I can guarantee the veracity of it all, Crayola. Give us a call on 020 7861 8136.

Cheers- I've seen a few of these that are dodgy, so thought I'd check.

Gonna point the bloke towards it first- since we bought/ use them as a couple mainly it only seems fair :)