Prostate/anal play recommendations!

My man is not averse to a little anal play, and has on occasion very much enjoyed my vibrators, so I thought I'd treat him to a toy of his own, designed for a mans pleasure instead of making do with mine.

Not a beginner as such but we're not overly experienced. Guys, what do you recommend?


I have just recieved 2 sets of these for me and my partner and I can tell you they feel amazing for myself the temperature element adds lots more fun too

If the Rosa is out of your budget (although it is amazing, believe me) - I got the impression from your other post that you own a magic wand.

This anal bead/plug combo is fantastic - and when you press the magic wand on the t-bar when it's inserted... magical things will happen.

As recommended by Muzza I can vouch for these

which if you are quick you can snap up in the deal of the day.

I also personally like this one, much bigger than the other two shown

but I also love using the various vibrators and dildos that we have acquired over the years for my wife. Some being on the large size as well. And funally don't discount a latex glove and a good fisting. Probably top of my pleasure list.

Why not get an attachment for your wand?

Nexus revo

or the stealth model:

Thanks all :)

I do have a Doxy wand and was considering getting an attachment for it but was hoping for a recommendation, I will certainly check them out, thank you to all who responded :)

Let us know what you decide and how he gets on with it :)