Remote vibrators.

Hi all, we are going away soon without any kids ;) and are looking for a remote controlled vibrator that we can use during the day and in the restaurant. We have seen there are a few on here but looking for one that quiet but powerful. Any recommendations??

Knicker vibes are generally a little too noisy for a restaurant setting. A vibrating love egg could be a good option, comfy to wear out and about.

Yeah that was what we were thinking. Have you tried any from here?

Yeah I have

The latter is the quieter of the 2 but is less powerful. I still like ot for the tease factor though.

We have this one
We find the remote is a bit noisy when set to vibrating in order for the controller to know what the egg is doing, you can turn the vibrations off for the remote but then you don't know what the egg is doing.
You also have to consider the size of the remote for use in restaurants, nothing worse than a large pink controller standing out. Some have a key remote looking controller. Attach it to your keys and no one will be able to tell what it really is....apart from the look on your face 😀

I think that you should read the first review in this thread.