can anyone give me some saucy story lines 2 act out with my bf?? im up 4 anything!


hi i can, i know loads lol

1/ Cleaner- this 1 is great fun, all you have to do is buy a maids costume they usually sell for around £15 depending on what type you want, some are taky others are seophisticated try looking in anne summers they ae so cute ANYWAY prance around the room pretending to dust- make sure you give him a good view of both clevege and ass

everythme he gets close push him away - it will drive him crazy the strip him down telling him hes very very dirty and then prance around a bit more then stop in front of him and strip lean frward and kiss him then push him away the teasing will drive him wild

i do havesome more lol, if you tell me what stuff both you and he are into theni might be able to give you some more suited to you both

Yes, it would help if you said what the both of you are both into.
Naughty school girl's always fun.
Or doctor's and nurses.

playing boss and secretary is good aswell, you get to have it bent over a desk tht way lol

hi i thought or another role play idea Soldier gets home from Iraq to an awaiting Wife who's missed more than his company this i sgood for you and him, you get the pleasure of seeing him in a suit and he gets the pleasure (and you do secreatly)of being the aloha male

how about police officors and speeding car woman- you canhave sex in his or your car and he agin gets to wear a suit

or how about pimp and hoe, you justy get to dress like a slut
or you could play prostitute- i know it doesnt sound very appealing but its supposed to be fun y

another 1 is that you rent ot a hotel room (you dont have to but its supposed to be better, it sets the scene) and you just pretend to be random strangers that have accidently met and you just have a good old romp and becuse your pretending to be someone else then you act differently duringsex- try it ud be supprised

you could also try the priest and the nun yoiu both dress up and you can get a very naugyhty nun outfit from anne summers

The Masseuse costume from Ann Summers is particularly nice and well made. Not many other props are needed; some massage oil and a bed, or a sofa or the kitchen table with a duvet spread out on it.

You don’t need to warn him he can just come in dressed straight from work and you can immediately suggest he changes into a small towel and bath robe.

Give him a massage, tease him by hovering around the edge of the towel and then ask him if he would like any 'extras'. Asking him to pay extra at that point is essential for the role play and means you can recoup the cost of your costume!

Auditioning porn actress and director.

blimey lolly u got a load of ideas...4 a 16 yr old! have u acted these all out?

@ ameri2490 no i just know my stuff lol

@golds01 tell us what you think and how they went down