Let’s talk about roleplay.

Do you like to roleplay? If so, do you just grab a costume and then let it fall off as you start fucking, or are you more committed. Do you properly play it out right the way through, like two actors in a play?

I find that most of the time we do it, we manage to commit to it for most of the scene/sex act. Although sometimes we have just fallen over and not managed it.

What roles/scenes do you like and do you use props?

I might steal some of your scenes for our next roleplaying session, :smiley:


We have tried role play in the past, but we both just end up in an absolute fit of giggles. To be fair, it’s fine - sex shouldn’t be serious anyway. We’re just not very good at role play, but we try! We’ve never been able to come up with any scenarios that are exciting. The scenario that we do enjoy is the ‘Going for a massage, then being unable to pay, so it’s the masseuse that ends up getting the happy ending’. It’s silly but it works for us and we enjoy it!


Absolutely sex is supposed to be fun.

We also occasionally break into a fit of laughter when someone says something that sounds a bit silly.

That’s quite a good one though… I hadn’t thought of the massage one. Actually sounds like it might be quite fun!


Think if I attempted role play I’d keep committed like it’s my star movie debut haha :joy:

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Do you like to roleplay?
Absolutely love it. Would never had thought it, but it really works for us.

If so, do you just grab a costume and then let it fall off as you start fucking, or are you more committed. Do you properly play it out right the way through, like two actors in a play?
We properly play it through. We always play “us”, but us if we were the job. (So, me pretending to be me the secretary or me the nurse). Means there is less of the silly vocab, as we are still ourselves, but just pretending to be the job.

What roles/scenes do you like and do you use props?
I like secretary a lot, and we enjoy varying things with doctors and nurses.
I make all our outfits, so they are authentic (rather than the fakes ones you can buy). So (for example) my nurses outfit is a real nurse’s tunic, just modified a little.

I’ve also made a Supergirl one (and I’m working on a Lara Croft one), a witches outfit, a maid’s outfit, a scientists outfit and we use our wedding clothes for anything bridal. I’m also working on a prostitutes outfit. I’m always looking for outfit ideas.

Normally, the outfits stay on for sex though. We find that the outfit ties to the character. If we strip, then it is less the character and more us. Given how much I like clothed sex, I’m happy with staying mostly in the outfits.

We do have props, and our spanking kit makes an appearance in most scenarios too.


As a full on video games nerd, the idea of a Lara Croft roleplay with costume presses all the right buttons. :slight_smile:

I’m am 100% stealing that one. It’s just too good!!!


Absolutely love role play. Probably a little too much to be honest. I just find it results in the best sex for us. Just means it takes a bit of physical and mental planning.

If I’m being my partner’s sub I’m usually dressed in my butler bow tie, white cuffs and nothing else or my collar and leash and nothing else. Usually I’m subjected to silent treatment whilst blindfolded with occasional strokes or commands. As we move upstairs she’ll restrain me to the door whilst she gets changed. Usually after this she’ll use her riding crop on me before I’m ordered to pleasure her.

Whilst naturally I’m a submissive, I really enjoy switching. As I’m able to really plan out what I want to do. It’s been a while but my OH looks adorable in a maid outfit. I like to make her knock. I’ll be wearing some tight boxers and make her clean the room up. Then I’ll get her to perform oral sex on me whilst speaking as if I’m her owner. Sometimes pop a collar on her too and lead her upstairs for some hard action.

We’ve tried other ones too, schoolgirl, firemen but not really got going with them.

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We love role play, but usually consists of her using her toys (from LH of course) and imagining we are have a MMF or MMMF

Unfortunately I am a solo act these days . When wife was active we used to role play once in a while . Some of her favorites was me playing a doctor , fireman of police . Not too challenging for me because I was an emergency medical technician , fireman and policeman . Used my real cuffs multiple times . She liked dressing as school girl , executive slut . Another common role-play that was not real creative was her playing meek mild woman and me playing a 1% biker . I have been riding since 68’ . My favorite was when we started pegging with me in lace stockings and a variety of sexy women’s under garments or mini skirt . She rather liked just wearing my leather biker jacket and several times my chaps . A fond memory was me wearing her French maid outfit , I think she pegged me harder , longer and deeper that ever before . I miss those days .

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You posing Porn star you lol :grin: :innocent: :grin:


Lol is it a dream… um yes!, would I want it to be reality?! Maybe haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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Go for it buddy ! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I love doing nurse…I have a latex nurse dress and hat ( well several nurse outfits )…and the bloke being my patient for his medical. I take his temperature first…ask him saucy questions…strip him naked…then weigh him…measure him…reaching and bending all the time…his heart rate…pulse… blood pressure…and examine him with rubber gloves on…Show him myself periodically to check his differing heart rate…and to check on his differing erection…how his scrotum hangs measuring it all and making notes.

Then part his butt cheeks to examine his intimate area…still with latex gloves on…a splash of lube before on to masturbating him for a “sample”.

Then the outcome varies…from having to taste it…collecting a sample in a bottle…or depositing it in me…which then I have to get a sample of to send off to the lab.

All the while keeping my uniform on and heels. Acting the part at all times.

I bloody love it…

For props:
Got a stethoscope… measure… latex gloves… “sample” bottles… a blood pressure monitor a notepad and pen. Even got a real hospital gown…:shushing_face:

I have over 50 outfits…but nurse is my favourite for roleplay…then air hostess.


Maybe one day I will muahaha!!

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After our little chat about creating our own sex room, we got onto the topic of Role Play and as it turns out, he’s been hiding some things from me. Whilst we both still get very giggly at the prospect - it’s apparent that actually there are a few scenarios that he has In mind that he’s been a bit shy of communicating… so guess who’s heading to Amazon for a lab coat and some nitrile gloves? The DR will see you now…