Secret Tester's FAQ

Hello there so as we are posting for more regular testers that are secret I thought a little FAQ may help.

When will the product be sent?

Typically same day . Sometimes I find reviewers ready for the samples to come in.  I will always mention if the samples are not ready yet in the posting thread . So if this has been mentioned please expect the item within a month.

Why is my review order showing as cancelled ?

I set the order up in the account for review chaser purposes, I then manually send the item to you :) Unless I have made a mistake and in this case i will email haha!

Why is there no order in my account ?

if it is an item that is super new and a sample piece we may not stock, I can not set up a system order. It is then all processed manually. The item will be sent manually with an email to back it up. Don't worry we can still trace for chaser purpsoes ;)

Where can I see the product description?

You can’t. The item is not live so we do not have that access to give you. If there are special instructions they will be included in the parcel.

What is the RRP?

Occasionally we know this but not always , so if I can goev the RRP i certainly will on the letter that arrives with the secret tester. I can never give an exact RRP as this isn’t always shared until it is due to go live.

The product page link does not work , where can i review this?

The product page will not work until it is live. Always use the review link in this case.

My review says it is live but the link will not work?

It will not work until the product goes live, as soon as it shows on the site so will your review.

How can I be selected for a secret item ?

They are forum posts that crop up stating REVIEW in the title. You need to pop your name to the list by commenting with the item name you wish to be considered for. Live reviews are a requirement and typically I look for people that have had an item from the tester list before.

When does my review need to be in?

1 month , unless I state otherwise on the thread and email. Some secret items do require a quick turnaround.

Any other questiosn please let me know and I will get them added ... 

Thank you all