Separate LH accounts?

Up to now, my wife hasn't bothered to create her own LH account -- she either views the site without logging in or looks over my shoulder while I'm logged in. I'm sure there are a lot of other couples out there who operate in a similar way.

We're wondering now, though, whether it's worth my wife having her own account. In particular, we've just taken some photos of each of us wearing some of our new LH purchases which we think may be good enough to post, and it might make sense to do this under separate names rather than, perhaps confusingly, putting them both under mine.

Am I missing any disadvantages of doing this? I assume that it wouldn't cause any issues that I'd still be the person doing all of the ordering (so items would appear on my order profile), but my wife will sometimes be the user and reviewer of these products.

I'm not saying that we will do this -- the simplest option is just to post my wife's photos under my account with a suitable subtitle -- but we thought it was worth lobbing the idea in here to see what thoughts others might have.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

There are actually quite a few couples that log in with either a duo-name (both on one account) or post on their own accounts/aliases.

I think it's better to use one account for both of you as the main spending account- so that you can fully utilise your Oh! points. However, if your wife intends to post a lot or do things without you (so to speak), she may prefer to make her own.

As for photos and reviews- many couples post pics of eachother and it doesn't cause on issue and reviews have been typed up as couples and then signed off by whoever wrote it.

If, for example, you'd both like even and fair chances of receiving tester items etc, a separate account may be beneficial.

It's fully up to you both though. Though, practically, it may be better to share one. If you do want to use the same account- you can just email Alice and choose a more appropriate alias.

We have separate accounts largely because we both post on the forum. Annoyingly we've ended up purchasing on both accounts so we have Oh! points on both.

Aside from Oh! Points, I don't really see any disadvantages - you can link to one another in your info so Alice knows you're linked (and therefore can send out personalised testers as she often does). So long as tester reviews are posted on the profile that the tester was sent to it shouldn't make a blind bit of difference.


If two post on one account just make it plain which gender the poster is

My OH has just joined and has his own account. He buys stuff on his account which is annoying because im saving my OH for something in particular, and hes just spent a small fortune on Underwear for himself,which would have been enough points for my item!

Review wise, before my OH joined, if I had an item that he had used with me, I would always add his thoughts and experience of the item, but now I think he may add his own review so mine wont be so long winded.

I guess the advantages of having seperate accounts are what Nymeria could get tester items, and both be considered for review of the month, and also means she can buy things privately (for you maybe!!!) ifshe wishes. OH likes chatting to me naughtily on the chat function!

We have separate accounts, my Oh doesn't post to often but he does have his own account for when he does, the plan was to just use my account for buying things but he has bought stuff on his account to for birthdays/christmas so he has more points than me now

Thanks for all of those thoughts -- very helpful! I hadn't considered the question of Oh! points.

On balance, we've decided not to create a second account. Instead, we'll add the photos of my wife to this account with suitable subtitles (in case it isn't obvious which of us is which!). Hopefully they'll be visible soon.