Sex toys intro

So I’ve had plenty of help already with lingerie greatly appreciated.
I was just wondering how did you all introduce using sex toys in the bedroom my wife is very vanilla and shy when it comes to sex she gets embarrassed by it easily so once she gets comfortable with lingerie I’m hoping maybe introducing small toys. How would I go about this please?


I would ask her how she feels about small, non-realistic looking products that you could use together to enhance your sex life. If she’s shy about it but willing to give it a go, a vibrating cock ring, finger vibrator or bullet vibrator would all be good starting points. Maybe take a look through the site together if she’s comfortable doing so and picking out a few beginner friendly items?

Yeah I was thinking maybe a little bullet virbrator or something to that effect. And not sure whether I’d get her to look on the site she gets embarrassed when ever we see the tv advert and I mention something. Maybe I just need to be careful with how I put things across and talk more with her about it

I think timing is everything here as you don't want her to feel under pressure especially if she's already opened up to using lingerie recently. When you feel the time might be right give subtle hints and see how she responds.

Choose them together.

We started with a vibrating cock ring, since it was something "he" wore it felt like a couples experience. I had a partner once purchase a toy totally not suitable for me... that was a serious turn off.

I think toys and anything sexual needs to be when you feel like trying it, being pushed into a situation can apply a lot of pressure and result in:
A: a very negative relationship with the experience
B: the pressure makes the situation stressful and tense which ruins the moment.

I would suggest either browsing some toys together or if your partner is very vanilla and never been introduced to toys, maybe just wait it out. A small bullet vibe is always a great start as internal toys are a little intrusive and having full control of the situation is key. My first partner was completely vanilla and raised in a religious family so sex was not the hottest subject, but after her 21st birthday I left a small bullet in her underwear drawer and her curiosity just took over one day. I had a phone call at work and she let it slip that she had used it herself and things just opened up for us. You really need to walk before you can run when it comes to sex toys and if you dive into too deep it can be scary, it’s a shame because people really don’t know what they are missing!

I will definitely be taking things slowly and hopefully maybe we can explore the sight together one night and keep her away from big stuff lol.
I’ll ease her in I love this forum you have all been so helpful today thank you so much