Sexy high heels that are comfy for work?

ok so i admit i like coloured shoes..but my new job i can only wear black heels, and they have to be businesslike.. but theyhave to be tall as i hate bveing short....

i have a pair of boring black suade court shoes but they dont have the wow factor..i want something wow..that i can also run to the paper shop in the rain in.

suggestions pleasey


Depends on how much you're willing to spend on them really, But have you had a look at Dune shoes? I love their heels, and find them really comfy even when wearing them for long hours.

These ones are high but also fairly plain and business like:


Don't know if they are comfy but I know they are hot as hell.

i some times wish i could wear heels for work but i have to wear flats. good look finding some shoes i dont know if you would be interseted but matalan have £5 shoe event on for the weekend and i saw some black one that looked fairly high also newlooks shoes are quite high.

tried matalan, sadly the pair that look nice dont seem to be on the site any more.

thoise dune shoes are gorgeous! i may have to invest come payday :)

I find Next and Office to have the comfiest shoes I've ever come across. Definitely avoid New Look - I had a pair of beautiful heels on for about 10mins whilst trying on a few dresses and my feet hurt from standing in them! I have 3 pairs of heels from Next that I can wear for hours whilst dancing and they don't hurt my feet much at all.

Try New Look

KinkyFuckery wrote:

Try New Look

i buy as many shoes as i can from new look, they last a good while and 95% of them are sooo comfy!!

Hi Jenni - I really love girls in heels at work, I bought a cheap pair for my OH to use in the bed room but she likes them so much she used them for work a few times. I got them off amazon

they do all sorts of colours inc black

Could you get away with the white strap on these? this site is always worth a look. Get some real good deals. The boxes are often a bit bashed up but the shoes are fine.

OK slightly off topic, but a question about high feels in the office so related.

We have an administrator in our office who has some amazing shoes, but what she was wearing yesterday turned more than a few heads!

So what is your view on patent leather knee high boots with six inch spiked heels for the office?

They did look sexy with the very tight leggings but for the office?

Am I being old fashioned or is this acceptable these days?

Kurt geiger cristal. Look gorgeous on and the ankle strap and wedge make them more suitable to wear for work

Might just be me but I find wedges a real turn off.

killerbunny wrote:

Don't know if they are comfy but I know they are hot as hell.

Agreed! There is definietly something about a girl in heels ;)

What about black patent wedges? They would offer a lot of support and really comfortable to wear. x