sexy lingerie during pregnancy

Hi all,

Just found out we have another child due next year. Last time we kind of did over kill on Baby Doll's and still have them tucked away in the 'sexy draw' for when required.

This time I am looking at something different for the wife, can any of you recommend something sexy you may have purchased during pregnancy?

Ive considered bodystockings, but not sure if they would suitable or stretch enough??


possibly could stretch enough depending on her usual size and how much she usually gains. maybe even a plus size one?

thanks. Usual size 14.

Snowweasel wrote:

thanks. Usual size 14.

yeah so add a baby and she could possibly need the plus size.

Im so glad someone else has brought this up, I'm in the same boat and can find nothing to wear, the things I do find are so exspensive just for the last couple of weeks. I didn't even realise there was a guide.

Congratulations too :)

Hold ups, Gloves maybe, leave the bump on show. Pregnant women look amazingly sexy!

We did the whole babydolls thing, and stocking, suspender belts below the bump and bra look. We found body stockings worked great in earlier stages of pregnancy but by the end we had to go up a size.

Even just some ailly nipple tassels and sexy pants will work great.

Thank you. and cheers for the advice. Decision time now!!!