Shaving (balls)

For me, a Muhle safety razor with Asco blades.
The razor is a bit pricey, but safety blades are ridiculously cheap and they give a most excellent shave, without all the plastic waste.

And then simple soap, again, no plastic waste there, and lots of fantastic products to chose from.

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I’ve never had much luck with razor blades, I mean yeah it’s good for a majority but if I’m in the shower or Bath I find my balls kinda change shape and I find it extremely hard to shave them like that.

I don’t really do any grooming at the moment as I’m single and the hair helps keep them warm over winter :rofl: Now summer is coming around I may shave it all off to keep them cool, but you don’t half notice the difference riding on a motorbike, they get a bit chilly

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You can buy mens intimate hair removal cream but personally I use a phillips one blade. You can buy a special one for intimate regions.

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or go the painful way and get a bikini line.
Bikini line: Wax off your pubic hair (Painful as hell and couldn’t masturbate for days)