are there any guys out there who are into sounding and ir so how far do you go personally yes I am into it although I am cautious as to how far I insert


I have a set of Hegar sounding rods which are about 10" long and in increasing sizes.

I’m comfortable with anything up to 10mm diameter and I can insert them until they reach my prostate. That’s about 8" or so.

I’ve tried it but would love to explore more with metal rods as the silicone ones I purchased didn’t have an nice after feeling lol

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I have some metal ones that are 8" long and slide in as far as you can, I’ve also got some hollow silicone versions that are up to 35cm long and I can slide those in all the way to their tip/plug

I got a bendy metal one that goes 14 inches if I jiggle it right

Metal is much better


@AJSTAR, Totally agree, the silicone sounds I’ve got seem to weirdly absorb any lube I use and I get an uncomfortable drag when inserting and removing then, not a nice feeling at all.
I will always use steel sounds or plugs, much smoother to insert plus with them being solid they’re easier to insert especially for urethral stretching.
My big dream is still to dock cock to cock on a large sound​:kissing_heart:, well any sound really but a large one would be great as I’m up to a 15.5mm sound now.

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This whole idea makes my eyes water and everything below the waist tighten up.
What is it that it does for anyone…it “sounds” more like a surgical procedure… is that where it gets its name from.?

With plenty of lube and a stainless steel sounding rod its a very pleasurable experience. A bit like masturbation but from the inside.

We have also experimented by connecting the sounding rod to the Electrastim power pack and that’s an interesting experience too.

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@rockstar …right, right … thats plenty. Stop right there.!!

My other half has tried it a few times and seriously it makes me cringe! I’m so worried about him hurting himself

Done correctly the risk is low, get him to show you how its done and then you could help him, he would like that, my wife will slide the rod in and out, not quite got her to insert the long ones yet

I have an actual estim sounding rod too

So I’ve been told as it’s less likely to cause irritation right? :sweat_smile:

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I often have fantasies of cock docking with a sound and being able to meet the other guys penis in the middle :sweat_smile:

But yes my experience with silicone sounds was afterwards I had that awful stinging in my shaft and boi when trying to pee it was eye watering :flushed:

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Husband has only used metal ones. Used to freak me out, but I can do it to him now. It is an occasional thing, and he seems to like it. He can’t take a big one, but then that’s not his aim.

My wife used to be freaked out by it but she’s now come round to the idea and we spent a happy hour or so the other morning with her working her way through the Hegar sounds, putting them in me, playing around for a while then taking them out and trying the next size up.

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I have a couple of metal sounds and have done it a few times but it’s not something I do very often as haven’t got much from it. Maybe I just need to practise more.

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It is definitely to do with head space. Focus on the feelings and sensations. Be in the moment.