Still not sure

Well I would suggest every woman try it, I used to be like a lot of you, anal was definately off the cards, but my partner really wanted to, so one night after a few Jack Daniels and me nicely relaxed, plenty of lube etc, and wow, have never looked back, not something we do a lot but extreamly enjoyable, and for all of you that say, you would prefer your man in your pussy, well you can have both, just use a vibrator in your pussy and your man in your bottom, or visa versa, he will also get the excitement of the vibrations too!! though a vibrating butt plug would be the safer option!!!

Miss_Hev, yes and yes and great fun, and most enjoyable, just remember to lube well.

Does anyone know of any strap-ons or attachments that are not penis shaped? my partner enjoys being taken, but he would rather that the design was smooth and not penis looking, it is a bit odd really but I can see his point.