Surprise Xmas Box

I really cannot believe it was as long as 5 years ago that i did this.

Just thought with what we have all gone through this year it might be a nice idea for this xmas.


This is such a good idea!


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Not sure if you have looked at my original post from 5 Years ago @Blonde_Bunny but it will show you what i put in Mrs Onlynes collection ,i still think i got a bit carried away.

Oh that is a nice idea… I might do an Xmas box with one Lovehoney item.

I wonder what a nice tasteful item that would fit in with other Xmas treats might be :thinking:

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I just thought it might be a nice time to revisit it and it still gives plenty of time to build a collection should you so desire.

Oh what a wonderful idea! Now, how do I subtly copy and paste this thread to my boyfriend :eyes:

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I often do this for Xmas and birthdays, in a nice box that ties with a ribbon. The nice box can then be used to keep the items in. 3 for £10 or other special offers, or just stuff o know will be appreciated. It’s nice to build one over a few months.

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This is a great suggestion, thanks for bringing highlight to the idea. I’m going to start getting bits to squirrel :chipmunk: away x


As I said i did go a bit mad with it,if you check the original post you can see the full list of items.

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for anyone who is interested this is what i put together 5 years ago

Lovehoney beaded sensual dildo (yesterdays dotd)

Lovehoney Lace Drawstring lingerie Bag

Lovehoney small purple storage bag x2

Lovehoney large storage bag

Lovehoney usb rechargable mini magic wand

Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm Mint

Lovehoney Powerful Pocket Vibrator Pink

Lovehoney Lovers Hot Massage Rocks

LovehoneyLovers Sensual Body Massage Red

Lovehoney Vanilla Flavour Lickable Massage Candle

Lovehoney Main Squeeze Double Kegel Balls 60g

Lovehoney Flirty Blue Lace Boyshorts x2

Lovehoney Flirty Blue Lace Bikini Knickers

FSoG Submit To Me Beginners Bondage Kit

Lovehoney Crotchless cutout Lace Back Knickers

Lovehoney Lovers Erotic Foreplay Dice

FSoG Restrain Me Bondage Rope

FSoG Soft Limits DeLuxe Wrist Tie

Lust Erotic Board Game

FSoG Insatiable Desire Mini Silicone G Spot Vibrator

Pair of Twist Nipple Suckers (not from Lovehoney)


@Onlyones wow! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did say i got a little carried away.

Like Supermarket Sweep!

Love sale items from here I put them away and make small gift boxes for my friends…

I also love getting lots of very thoughtful but little gifts throughout the year…some are charity shop finds that have a special meaning between myself and the receiver and mean more than a really expensive gift.
And to anyone else would be a why?

But a secret naughty meaning shared between the two of us…

Like my friend I bought a tub of gravy granuals for…(mentioned in another thread) and gift wrapped them him for xmas…sorry gone off topic a bit there.

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Would this be a good idea if one was involved with work secret santa? :thinking:

@zombifiedguy The implications for a sexual harassment claim seem almost inevitable.

Not harassment, call it concern regarding release of stress :laughing:

This sounds like such a great idea! I’d love a lovehoney Christmas box or advent calendar! I love how it would give you an opportunity to try something new :))

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For anyone considering doing this i would just like to add a couple of points.

  1. Try to put the feelers out before hand to see how receptive they would be obviously without giving too much away about 10 days before Xmas the year i did this Mrs Onlyones informed me she did not want anything sexual for Xmas so it could have gone horribly wrong.
  2. Try not to get too carried away either set yourself a budget or decide on a number of items otherwise it can get out of hand.

Omg I would love to receive a personalised Lovehoney selection box for Xmas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

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