Taking more length anally? Advice needed!

Hey all I can take up to 8' but like many I feel like I'm poking my insides when trying to go past. I have only twice gone further where it has gone inside the sigmoid which felt amazing but it was completely by accident and when I took it out and tried to go back in it kept hitting the wall again and would go no further. Any tips?

If you're standing try it a bit more horizontal rather than vertical

Use something flexible as it has to do some cornering inside.

What toy are you using? It could just be unsuitable for the task at hand?

I've been using a 12' jelly double dildo. About 1.3' diameter. Tried it laying down flat, on my side (when it went in accidently) and on hands and knees.

We've got a double ended dildo thats about 18" and I find that if I bear down as if I'm trying to pass a motion, when it's about 6" to 7" in then a little push and I can get the rest in.