Thank you

I know there is possibly a thread for thanking LH but I wanted to specificaly say that after the trouble I had with a new toy you have been great!

I hadto have it replaced, tested before issue on the 2nd replacement.

The service throughout was great.

I've never doubted that though, you live up to your word and I am sure you have many a customer for life!

can't fault Lovehoney's excellent customer service, deals and offers.

They're great, I'm a right pain in the butt and they're extremely patient

yup their customer service is fab, I have only had a problem once before and they were great in rectifying it.

lovehoney's customer service is the best

Oh i can't agree more! :)

You're very welcome everyone!

Ever need any help please do not hesitate to contact us :)

I also concur with all, thanks.

Lovehoney are absolutely amazing and will do there ut-most to help.

Fab service at all times :)

I completely agree brilliant service.


we <3 LH x