The Great Big Review and Testing Guide

Secret Testers FAQs:

What are the :lovehoney_heart: Secret Testers?

These are the products that we don’t stock to the public yet. They could be anything: prototype toys, first-look lingerie collections, magical lube. That sort of thing.

How can I be selected for a Secret Tester?

:lovehoney_heart: Secret Tester Topics crop up in the Testers category, just like :lh_heart_purple: Regular Testers. Follow the instructions in the post to put yourself forward for the item(s) you’re interested in.

Live reviews are a requirement, and typically we look for people that have had an item from the tester list before.

Sending in your measurements is also really helpful for the lingerie testers.

Can I share details of my secret item on the forum/social media?

No. And this includes images. They are secret testers until they go live (which they may not). Failure to keep them hush-hush can result in removal from the tester programme. If you have a question about a secret tester item please email me, don’t ask on Facebook. :slightly_smiling_face:

When will the product be sent?

Sometimes on the same day as receiving the ‘you have been selected’ email. Though sometimes we find reviewers ready for the samples to come in. We will always mention if the samples aren’t ready yet in the tester topic. So if this has been mentioned please expect the item within a month. You will receive an email once the item has been dispatched.

Why is my review order showing as cancelled?

Sometimes we set the order up on the account for review chaser purposes, and then manually send the item to you. Unless we’ve made a mistake, and in that case we will email. haha!

What is the RRP?

Occasionally we know this, but not always. If we can share, we will. We can never give an exact RRP as this isn’t always shared until it’s due to go live. If you don’t have the RRP please continue the review without it.

Where can I see the product description?

You can’t. The item isn’t live, so we don’t have that access to give you. If there are special instructions they will be included in the email/parcel.

The product page link does not work, where can I review this?

The product page will not work until it is live. You will be emailed a link to where you can submit your :lovehoney_heart: Secret Tester reviews.

Have you got my review? Could you email me to say you got it?

Please give 72 working hours to allow us time to moderate the review. Please be patient. If the item isn’t live on the site yet, then your review won’t be either. For Secret Testers this can take months, and some won’t make it at all. Don’t worry though, we read them all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I Blacklisted? I haven’t received a tester recently.

There are now email warnings for testers, much like rule breaking in the forum. This can be due to not keeping to the T&Cs (eg. sharing details of an item that is not yet live on the site). However, we’re not obliged to send warnings, so this will not always happen. If you’ve stuck to the T&Cs and deadlines it’s safe to say you’re ok and it is simply that you’ve not been suited to the recent testers. Please do remember it is a privilege and not a right.

Reasons you will receive a ‘black mark’:

  • Sharing data that is not yet shareable
  • Constant chasers being sent
  • No email communication to chasers
  • Quality of reviews has decreased (we may think you need a break from testers)
  • Indiscretion via social media in regards to Lovehoney. We need to trust our reviewers, especially as we are sending not yet released items.

If you think: ‘ah yes, this rings a bell’ you may have a black mark - sorry.

But don’t worry, you won’t be blacklisted for receiving the odd chaser email :slightly_smiling_face:

If you do have any issues, or need a break at all, please email me at

@Lovehoney_Brenna :lh_heart_yellow:

Updated Feb2021