The Little Thread of Photo and Video tips and tricks

I am no expert in photos or video , but have learned a little over many decades of taking photos and several of video . This is a place for tips and suggestions to help people take better pictures . I think almost anyone can take a pretty good picture outdoors on a sunny day , but when taking private photos or video we often run into some problems . Here are a few of my personal things to help your private photos and video . Not that many years ago we used a single purpose tool we called a camera . And then after taking the photo we took the film in to be processed . Generally we did not take very many revealing pictures , less the developer at minimum would see them . But then came the Polaroid camera , which was great except cost and generally quality . That is when I started taking nude pictures . Then came the digital age , now we could handle every part of editing and producing photos ourselves .
When we got cell phones with cameras we opened up a whole lot of possibilities . Over time the cameras in them got better and better . The biggest problem for me was the timer , 10 seconds to hit the button and get in position , not ideal . A year or so ago I found out about and purchased a bluetooth remote that works with pretty much any smart phone . Under $10 US . This has made taking kinky pictures way easier . Lighting is the next thing that one must think about , the flash on many phones is too bright . So I prefer to use alternate lighting . Remember shadows can work with you or against you . I do not have photoshop , too much money for me . But you can clean up many things in your photo software . If you have a blemish on the day of the picture , you can go in and soften or remove it easy enough .
I have my phone in a ruggedized case and have multiple mounting clips made to attach to my tripod and multiple other holder arms . Latest one is a suction cup mount for clean shots of dirty pictures in the shower . Note I kept my previous phone to use for hazard duty . The case I have are water resistant . Any helpful tips or suggestions ? Share with others . My private collection of photos hovers around 900 and over 30. videos . 99 are mild enough to post on here .


Use your phone timer or get a remote if using a camera.

Think about your background. A great photo can be ruined by mess.

Use light creatively - a window, a lamp or a flash.

Keep taking photos til you’re happy - digital costs nothing.

And don’t overdo the filters available on phones - nothing worse than a great photo ending up looking ‘overcooked’, whilst trying to hide every blemish and perceived imperfection.

Most importantly- enjoy yourselves. Taking photos is great fun.


Simple but often not thought: Don’t rush to get the picture, take your time even if it takes 10minutes.

Practice with some shots before you take the picture you want.

If you haven’t got a timer or stand, hold your breath while taking the shot this will help with shaky blurry shots.


Agreed , I never use any filter on the phone . I tend to make small corrections on my Mac , very easy . Another nice thing about digital is take a bunch of pictures for any pose , then pic through them to find the best one .


As someone who takes a lot of pictures…

My tips:

Natural light is always best. And always face towards the light too. Many times I’ve propped my phone against the window. Definitely a show for the neighbours… but the lighting was on point.

Buy a tripod. If not, get creative and prop your phone/camera on top of things/next to things. Even though I have a tripod, today I propped my phone up against a bottle of nail polish remover that was sat on top of the washing basket. No one would know :shushing_face:

Buy a remote too! I bought a really cheap one and it makes things so much easier. I can snap 5 photos in 5 seconds if I really want to and don’t have to worry about turning around and pressing the button and waiting for the timer etc.

Experiment with angles.

Take lots of photos. I can easily take up to 100 in one session and come out with only 3 that I like. But that’s 3 more than I would have had if I took less :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

Look back at what you’ve already taken and see if there’s anything you can do to make it better. A shadow in a particular place? Turn a little. Label sticking out? Tuck that in. Nip also sticking out? Tuck that in too :joy:

Relax and enjoy it. Don’t rush it.


@For_Your_Eyes_Only_x that ratio sounds about right, 100 photos, maybe 3 winners :joy:

I agree, take lots and lots of pictures at different angles because you can go back through them afterwards! Check what’s going on in your background. It could make your pictures look junky if you have piles of clutter behind you. I prefer natural light (when I take pictures at night, they always turn out really yellow from the lighting). When editing photos, just turning the brightness up a little or cropping the photo so that you’re centered (or to cut out anything weird in the background) can improve the photo a lot. I’m a little paranoid about sending photos/videos accidentally, so I usually turn off my wifi and put my phone on airplane mode until I’m done - I do this 100% of the time we’re filming ourselves!

This sexual happiness podcast episode is my favorite one from all the seasons so far and has some good tips like making sure you’re in the right mood and feeling sexy before starting your personal photoshoot :grin::+1:


I tend to use my iPhone with a tripod, and can use an Apple Watch to monitor and take pics etc. worked well so far.


Best tip I ever got was to make good use of the golden hours at dusk or dawn.
The light is usually softer, at the right angle to the subject and the colours much stronger.

Don’t ‘uplight’ or downlight’ unless that’s the effect that you want.

Decide in advance if your subject has any areas that they would prefer you didn’t capture, e.g. (laugh now) I have a big nose apparently so never have my picture taken from the side unless I’m wearing a mask!!! :mask:

As others have said, have fun and remember you can now edit away most issues or just delete, delete, delete and start again.

Have fun


As others have said , take many pictures . I have been accused of being a great photographer on my motorcycle site . I laugh and say I am not even a good photographer . The key is taking as many pictures as you can , often just a slight angle change can make a huge difference . I make a calendar every year for 42 close friends and relatives every year . Last year I went through about 2,300 keeper photos to choose 13 of them . Did much better this year and I think I only went through about 200 or so . The nice thing that makes it easier these days is almost every smart phone has a pretty good camera . To give you an idea of how many pictures for the last 12 months or so that I kept ( including the not for public viewing ) , about 2,100 .


Lots of great advice here already so I’ll probably just be repeating half the stuff. I don’t consider myself a photography buff, but if I take a load one of them is bound to be good, right? :sweat_smile:

  • Natural light is best and try to avoid putting the flash on. Ring lights are pretty cheap these days and also act as a tripod stand.

  • Remote switches are great and make it way easier to get shots.

  • Try experimenting with angles. Tilting the camera can give you more of a dynamic shot. Most phone cameras are located at the top of the phone, but you can also turn it upside down for easier shots at times. The front camera is usually not as good as the back one, so you can use a mirror behind it if you have to.

  • Try to have a decluttered or simple background so you get all the focus.

  • While filters can make you look “gorgeous”, they can be easy to spot when overdone. The best beauty is your own natural kind :heart_eyes_cat: Removing a pimple is simple enough, but altering the form is another matter. Any lines in the background are not your friend here. I personally find them depressing like “you’d be more attractive if only you could look like this” but to each their own.

  • Make sure to stop and check your photos every now again during your session. Nothing worse than finishing only to find the lighting or poses were no good :sweat: You my find something you like and try and take a few more shots to perfect it.

  • If you have long hair or flowing lingerie, be sure to take a few extra shots of holding still to avoid blur since right after you move into position, they will probably still be swaying.

  • Clever cropping can add to the composition of a photo as well as concealing identity.

  • If you’re wearing black/white lingerie, you could always turn the colours off for that classic look as nothing is really being lost. Or you could turn everything else black and white with just the colourful underwear untouched.


One fun thought I wanted to share with those of you taking erotic self and partner pictures is fake cum . I find placement exactly where I want cum is less than an exact science . So for staged photos I find fake cum is great . For me the best time for use of it is when I am near maximum tan . The contrast between my tanned ass with strategically placed fake cum is quite outstanding . I have also experimented with it on tanned tits , and any other part of the body where it might arouse a person . It is a shame I can not share several of my favorite fake cum photos .

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For those who like to record, how do you set up your phone? Do you use a tripod? Hold your phone? Have a set up? Would love to hear creative ways to record and get angles without the mood changing


Sorry for jumping on the question, but could I add something regarding popular choices for recording? Trying to keep it off the cloud and away from wifi etc, but also something with a password maybe?

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I use an app that hides pics and vids on your phones. Easy to use, doesn’t send to the cloud so only stored locally. Password protected too. Looks like an audio manager app but really stores your private collection


Have only ever just held my phone for recording so far but recently bought a tripod to try out. Will let you know how it goes when it gets christened.

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We bought a ring light tripod to film us having sex and when I’m recording for him. Otherwise he holds the phone to film me giving him oral sex.

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We use a iPhone and a ring light tripod for my cam work, works ok, or he holds the phone if I’m giving him oral.

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@Justthetwoofus2007 we have identical answers!


I’ll use the video setting on my DSLR camera, then download the SD card onto a flash drive, using a computer with the WiFi turned off. Which is then only used on a standalone DVD player with usb connection for our viewing pleasure. It’s not totally foolproof, but it does minimize your online hacking risk as much as possible.


We have a ring light on a tripod that holds the phone or use it free hand depends on what we are doing.
We use my old phone with no SIM for all our sexy photos and videos. It has it’s own email account and has no link to any vanilla socials.
I like it as we can capture, store, edit and upload all from the one device.