The ^ < v game

^ Brown

< Writing a shopping list

v Favourite rice?

^ Golden rice with peppers etc, had it last night with sweet chilli chicken!

< Playing Candy Crush

v Cobs or sliced bread?

^ Cobs??? I think…:thinking:

< Just had a snack.

v How well done do you like your toast?

^ Not too well done, not too pale!

< Having a brew

v Magnum or Feast ice lolly?

^ Magnum, but I’ve just had a Cornetto

< watching Dad’s Army

v Windows or Mac?

^ Windows

< Eating Cornflakes

v Favourite cop show?


< Just had a ripple…

v Favourite quick hot meal?

^ Chicken pasta bake from work.

< Drinking vod and chatting to my friend.

v Proudest moment?

^ I don’t have one

< Thinking about a lovely smell…

v Bathroom soap that your family used when you were a child?

^ Lifebouy and Shield, but i always loved the smell of soap on a rope you got at Christmas!

< Poured another drink

v Favourite male Eau de cologne?

^ Le Male by JPG

< Just had a naughty treat…

v Favourite suncream?

^ Don’t have one.

< Still drinking vod

v Chicken or Turkey?

^ Don’t mind…

< Thinking about tea

v Favourite pie?

^ M&S steak puff pastry

< Drinking a cool Vimto cordial

v Least favourite smell?

^ Coffee

< Nakie on the bed…

v Favourite vegetable?

^ Peas

< Feet up chilling

v Least favourite food?

^ condiments

< watching a game

v Favourite item in your living room?

^ My music/entertainment system.

< Fast forwarding rap on the closing ceremony.

v Hot or cold meal?

^ Hot

< Starting a list

v Bodystocking colour red…white or black?

^ White

< Watching Black Sabbath

v Hold ups or suspender stockings?